May 29, 2012

OOTD And 11 Questions Tag (Again)

I usually don't like to do the same tag more then once, but FairyAna was really nice to tag me and she had some interesting questions, so I've decided I'm only going to answer hers and skip the tagging part (I hope you'll excuse me..). Actually, I'm tagging ALL of you! :) Any one who reads this and would like to do the tag, fell free and I would love to see your answers!

SO here's a quick one:
1. What nail polish is on your nail right now? Orly Mysterious Course.
2. The last song you heard is? Maroon 5 - Payphone.
3. What is your favorite thing about blogging? The comments :)
4. What do you do when you're uninspired about your blog? I visit other blogs I love!
5. If you could choose only one concert  to see for the rest of your life, who's concert would it be? Hmm.. That's a hard one..... Probably Modern Talking :P
6. Is there any place in the world you wish to see (Choose only one)? Bora-Bora.
7. Which one do you prefer - Book or a movie? It really depends. Sometimes this and sometimes that.
8. The glass is half full or half empty? Sure it's half full!
9. Do you think you have enough nail polish? No. Not yet..
10. How many bottles of nail polish that you have is untried? None.
11. Favorite makeup brand? M.A.C....

Thanks for the tag! :)

And now for the OOTD ^_^

Shirt: Pull And Brear
Skinny pants: Pull And Bear
Shoes: Givona Jolie
Purse: Top 10
Jewelry: Magnolia
Watch:  Hudson
Nail polish: Orly - Mysterious Course
Makeup: Natural lid, with mint green under the lower lash line, Light pink lipgloss.


  1. i like your ring!
    welcome on my blog:

  2. Love your top, and I don't think a girl can ever have enough polish nails haha, just found your blog dear :) following!

    Sabrilett's Armoire

  3. I love your answers, thanks for doing the tag :)
    Great outfit!

  4. Lovely eye look you look really pretty

  5. i love the greeny and tosca look under your eyes! so refreshing !!

  6. Beautiful!!

  7. You look so cute. I love your shirt. ♥

  8. I adore the nail polish and your makeup!
    And Payphone has been on my playlist a couple of days and I can't get enough of it.