Nov 25, 2012

OOTD: Neon Afternon

Another look with my lovely eyeglasses from Firmoo. If you haven't entered my GIVEAWAY of $20 voucher for (25 winners), then do it now by clicking here.
I got this neon orange sweater from my MIL (Mother in law). And as it is very bright and... noticeable? I decided to keep the rest of the outfit pretty simple.. Black leggings and boots and glasses.
Neon is more of a range of colors we tend to wear during the summertime. And I do think it's more appropriate for summer. But I also don't like these "rules" about when to wear what.. You have to admit it is kind of fun to bring some color into the cold weather ;) Especially with this beautiful orange sunset we've had here in Toronto, I thought it was pretty suitable! :)

Nov 23, 2012

Firmoo Giveaway!!!

Remember my last post where I've told you about Fimoo, and the free glasses they send to new costumers? Well today I have even better news! They were very kind as to sponsor a GIVEAWAY!!!
Guess what?! There will be 25 readers who will receive $20 worth of voucher code, to redeem on! The code can be used once. It applies to any order excluding the designer glasses and is valid till Dec. 25th,2012.

25 winner is A LOT! And that means you have tons of chances to win!
To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is to fill the form below with your entries. There are 2 entries you must do to enter, and then some more entries that you can do to increase your chances of winning even more! (these options will open once you do the first two). The more entries you earn, the more chances you have to win!
Winners will be announced on this blog shortly after the end of the giveaway.
Good luck! :D

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Nov 20, 2012

Black Friday 2012 Sale!!!

It's that time of the year again and Sigma is making things even better by offering TWO full days of free shipping (both domestic and First Class International shipping)! This will save you tons of money and you will be able to receive your order even faster! The sale will begin at midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Thursday, November 22 and end at midnight (12AM Central Standard Time) on Friday, November 23. This gives you a whole 48 hours to place your orders! To redeem your free shipping, simply enter the code BF2012 at checkout. There is no minimum order, but only one discount code may be applied. You cannot use the monthly 10% off discount code with the free shipping so please keep this in mind when placing your orders. 
Click on the picture below to redeem your free shipping!

Nov 19, 2012

OOTD: Winter's Coming

Winter is almost here.. And I'm pretty scared because It's gonna be my first real, cold, Canadian winter here X_X We'll see how I'll survive haha!
It's getting colder and colder outside.. Today I wore my favorite stripes sweater (which is one of the clothing pieces that were my mom's back in the days, and now it's mine, because she doesn't wears this anymore.. yay :P) And I love it! On top I wore my black jacket and paired it with my black skinny pants and my military style boots. The black clutch added a little feminine note to all of this :)
Also, today we have discovered that apparently, Alex is a "squirrel whisper" haha. Really! He knows how to call them! He makes this noise, and they ran to us, and stop on their back legs and just stare at us! So cute ^_^

Jacket: Sektor Town
Pants: D&G
(All the other stuff are either gifts, either I don't remember where I got them)

Nov 15, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Sigma Gifts Under $60!

The holiday season is approaching, and we all need to buy some gifts :) If not for others, then for ourselves :P (We do need to treat ourselves for the new year, right? a new year with a new beauty product! :))
I love buying gifts for my loved-ones, and see their reaction! This is one of the best parts in the holidays, in my opinion! :)
As you all know, Sigma is TRULY one of my very favorite beauty brands! (I wouldn't talk so much about it unless I loved it that much). And one of the best parts about this brand is the reasonable and affordable prices you pay for a very high end, great quality products that last for a long time!
So today I've found some good deals for great gifts for Christmas for you family and friends, for under $60!!! :D YAY! Now it's up to you to decide if you are going to divide the sets I've combined here for 2-3 people (or more), or just gift it all to one! :)

Here we go:

1. Dry 'n Shape ($32) + One of the MAXBags (in a discount price of $25 instead of $29). And you can choose a baby blue one, or a black one.

2. Spa Solutions ($32) + One of the heart shaped mirrors (in a discount price of $22 instead of $25), which come in a variety of colors and designs.

3. The limited edition Paris palette alone ($59), or you can use a coupon code for $10 off, from one of the beauty gurus that participated in the making of this palette ($49) + One eye brush of your choice ($10).

4. Eyes kit ($57, instead of a full price of $74, if buying those brushes individually).

5. The Extravaganza body brush ($42) +

But these are just the tip of the ice when it comes to choices for cheap gifts from Sigma. They are just some of the options I personally think would be cute as a gift :) You can find lots and lots of more different combinations for under $60 and even under $40. Just visit and search for your best choice! :)

Nov 14, 2012


I love all of these sites where you can share your style and collect things you like in one place on the web, without the need to download it to your computer and take too much space.
I was contacted by one of the people from a new site like that which is called "LookSoup", and was invited to check out their site (with no obligation to talk about it on my blog or something). reminds me of like a combination of LookBook, Pinterest, and Fashiolista.
In this site you get a button for your Bookmarks (similar to the ones in Pinterest and Fashiolista), with which you can "collect" things from anywhere on the web, into "collections" on LookSoup. (like the boards on Pinterest). You can also collect things from other poeple on LookSoup. Then you have a "Like" button on each of the pictures you collect. You get points each time someone is "Liking" one of your pictures, or decides to follow you on LookSoup, and the more points you get, the more your pictures will hold on the top of the homepage of LookSoup (Simillar to LookBook). You can collect only fashion related items (like on Fashiolista).
So if you like all of these networks, but it's hard for you to keep it up on ALL of them, and you would like to have an account on a network that is like a combination of them all (or if you just want another one..), then LookSoup is probably for you!

Click on the image bellow t check out MY profile and collections on LookSoup, and/or if you'd like to follow me :)

Follow Me on LookSoup

And don't forget to visit my profiles on LookBook, Pinterest and Fashiolista as well! :)

Nov 12, 2012

OOTD: Leaves

Loooong time, no OOTD again... It's just that the winter came too fast, and I didn't really had time to even go through my winter clothes X_X
Today was a little bit more of a "warm" day, if you can even call it like that.. But I could skip my coat, so that's good :) I went for a simple style of a off-white sweater, and gray jeans. I have accessorized with my Tory Burch bag, my new lovely glasses from Firmoo (you can read a full review here, and get a FREE pair as a new costumer, by clicking here), and Alex's scarf! :)

Jeans: Tamnoon
Scarf: Pull and Bear
Bag: Tory Burch

Nov 9, 2012

Who Wants Some FREE Glasses???

When you think of a free product, you may think of a not-so-good quality one. Well, not necessarily.
The other day I was introduced to this huge global online optical store - Firmoo. is the world's most popular online eyewear store. They have a huge variety of different glasses, in very affordable prices!
Now you probably ask yourself how in the world are you supposed to purchase glasses online, without even trying them on first, right? Well, Firmoo offers lots of different options for you to get the best suitable glasses for YOU! The options include photos of other people wearing the glasses you are interested in, so you can see how it looks like on, pictures of different faces from which you can choose to "try" the glasses on virtually. AND the coolest part is that you can even upload a picture of YOURSELF, and see how the glasses look on YOU virtually! Also, they have pictures of the glasses from different angles, and measurements written on every single part in the glasses. offers sunglasses, vision glasses, men's glasses, woman's glasses, even designer glasses! They really have a variety of many different colors and styles to choose from, so I think really anyone can choose the pair that works best for them!
A very good thing about their website is that you can look for the pair you like in SO many different ways (something that I often look for in an online store!), you can search by shape, material, frame, size, price, style, and more!
And when you choose your pair, you can choose the purpose you need them for (distance, reading, computer, both distance and reading, for fashion purpose (with zero power lens), or having just the frame!), then you can fill in the details of your prescription, if you have one. You also have an option to add different lens thickness and/or add-ons  for a small additional price, such as anti-reflection, anti-radiation, UV coating, tint and so much more! (The glasses come with a anti-scratch lens for free).
And ready for the best part?? For new costumers, they are giving the FIRST PAIR FOR FREE!!! You only need to pay the shipping. I was so exited by that! Because I think it's such a great deal to offer to you, my lovely readers! :)

Sooo you probably know I don't wear eyewear, so the first thing I thought about was to order a pair of sunglasses.. But then I figured I've always tried these nerd-style glasses for fashion purpose (with zero power lens) in stores, but never really bought ones.. So I've made my choice and picked the unisex glasses in No #CP6072. :) And I'm IN LOOOOOVE <3

The costumer service was great! Except that I was told I will be contacted by e-mail ones the product will ship, and I wasn't (I don't know, maybe it got to my spam folder of something, but I haven't found anything), but I wasn't really concerned by that, since I've got them just 5 business days from the moment I've placed the order!!! And they have included a case for the glasses, a little pouch, special cloth for it, and a tool with spare screws. (Sorry if I am pronouncing anything wrong, this is my first experience with these kind of glasses, lol)
I love that they look like real glasses, and not toyish.. Thay are a very high quality, and you can feel and see that right away!

These would be an amazing gift for family and friends, co-workers and even your boss, for the upcoming holiday! It is a beautiful Christmas gift, because it is good quality, expensive product, which you can get for a fairly low price (especially that you're getting the first pair for FREE).

The only thing I had trouble with, was the case, that is in the exact side as the glasses, and it took me about 5 minuted to figure out how to fit them inside the case, so it wold close all the way. For some reason, the handles kept peeking out of the case.. Until I finally got it, and put them with the lenses down (and still, you have to put them precisely, so it will close. (But again, maybe it's just me, as it is my first experience with this..).
Other than that, I absolutely love, love, love them! And I like how it looks on me ;) Surprisingly, they are exactly how I've imagined them to be, the measurements were precise, and they look great and fit me well!

So again, click here to get your first FREE pair from and have a happy shopping!!! :D

*The product in this post was sent to me in order to make a review. However, I guarantee that all of the things said in this post, are my true and genuine thoughts and feelings about the product, and I wouldn't agree to recommend it, unless I really do like it. Also, this post contains an affiliate link through which I will receive a small percent commission when someone is spending money on a product through this link.