Oct 31, 2012

New 10% Off Coupon Code For Sigma - November 2012

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Oct 30, 2012

Happy Halloween! (And 2 Costume Ideas..)

Happy Halloween everyone!

Usually I don't dress up for Halloween.. And I should. 'Couse it's fun....
But this year LookBook got me dreesed up because they have this costume contest, and I had 2 great ideas that I always wanted to try, ever since I've seen them! One is Barnabas Collins, Johnny Depp's character from "Dark Shadows". And the other one is a Comic girl! :)
I am glad I did this, because it was very fun!
Here are the two costumes and the description of the idea, the inspiration, and the way I've put the costume together, under each photo.

Which one do YOU like better? :) Click on the "HYPE" button under your favorite picture, and I will really appreciate it! ^_^

I LOVE Johnny Depp. He is such an amazing actor! It's hard to believe it's the same person in all of his movies. I've seen people trying to recreate his characters from previous movies on Halloween, but haven't seen recreations from his latest one - Dark Shadows yet. So I decided to go for it and make one myself! I figured the fact I am a female will make it even more interesting and fun! For the costume, I have bought the black coat last minute from a second-hand store (yes, especially for the costume). The clothes I wear underneath (including shirt and pants) are my husband's. I wore a red scarf on my neck to mimic the shirt he has underneath, and I made the collar out of tissue paper. I had big fake nails, but with square tips, so I cropped them and cut the edges to a sharper shape. The makeup is on my face and hands, and the stick I'm holding is from a broom! :) Also, my hair is long, so I did a ponytail, and pined it on the top of my head. Then took the ends of it to my forehead. So that is my last-minute-improvised costume. The only thing I was really sad about is that there was a storm outside so I couldn't take the pictures outside, as I usually do, and so the quality is too bad :( I thought about not uploading these, but it took too much effort to make it, to not being seen by anybody :) So here it is!
A good friend of mine was calling me "Comic girl" throughout the whole high-school years. He said I look like a girl that got out of a cartoon, or a comic book. Well, I have no idea why he thought I look like that, but Halloween was a perfect occasion to try and do it for real! See for myself how I think he sees me! So that's me, in he's eyes... Pretty cool, ha? :) The whole idea of the makeup is the red dots all over, and the fine lines that border the face and facial features. Everything is big, bold and clear. I went for the more of a "Vintage" comic girl. For some reason they always cry in the comic books.. So I had to add some tears! I thought my polka-dot sweater will suit this well, as well as my Keds Mary-Jane wedges. I collected my hair into a low ponytail, and pined it up, to make my hair look more round and short. Red nail polish, white headband and pearl earrings seemed like the perfect accessories for the final touch! :))

Oct 26, 2012

20's Makeup Tutorial

The style of the 1920's was all about an elegant way of the so called "Gothic" and "Emo" style. Dark dropy eyes, little dark lips, and mysterious overall feeling. I love it! :D
This fall, Sigma Beauty took this style as an inspiration for their lookbook, which you can view here. They chose five fundamental elements to encompass 1920’s glamour: Lavish Essentials, Iconic Brows, Smoldering Eyes, Sultry Lips, and Timeless Radiance
In this post, I will show you how to achieve this look with 10 very simple steps! :) 
I've used Sigma brushes for this tutorial, and all of the eyeshadows I used, are from the Bare palette, which you can find here
This look is also a great look for the upcoming Halloween! :)) So let's get into it: 

1. For a timeless radiance, after you apply your foundation evenly all over your face, set it with a powder using the Sigma F20 large powder brush. Then contour your face under the cheekbones, on the sides of your nose and on your temples, using a flat contouring brush, like the Sigma F10 (which is made for powder or blush, but I LOVE to use it for contouring! :)), and finish off your flawless base with a little highlight on your cheekbones with the F35 tapered highlighter brush!

2. For Iconic brows, take a shade that's close to your natural eyebrow color (For me, that's Hitch from the Bare palette). You can use the Brow Design kit if you have it, it would be perfect for that! (As it has almost every possible color for eyebrows!)

Define your brows with it, focusing mostly on the inner corner.

3. You want to use some kind of a dark base before applying the eyeshadow, to make it look really intense.
Apply the base directly to your lid, and blend evenly using a blending brush. I am using the E35 tapered blending brush by Sigma.

4. Smoldering eyes - Take a black eyeshadow (I used Control, from the Bare palette).

Apply it all over the lid with the E45 brush. Then take the color up toward the inner corner of your brow, That will make your eye look "dropy" and "sad", which is what they used to do back in the 20's. Finally, apply it under your lower lashline dragging the color slightly down on the outer corner of the eye.

5. Blend the outer edges of the black color you've just applied, using the same E35 blending brush we used before.

6. To soften the edges even more, and emphasize the effect, use a lighter color along the edges of the black with a big flat brush, like the Sigma E50, under the brow and on the outer edge, under the eye. I used Elope from the same Bare palette.

7. Line your waterline with a black pencil to intensify the dramatic look, and finish it with a mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

8. Apply a brownish blush on your cheeks in a stroking motion with a flat blush brush like Sigma's F15.

9. Sultry lips - Conceal your lips using your concealer that's matching your skin tone and an F75 concealer brush. Then, outline your desired shape of the lips with Sigma's L05 lip brush, for a great precision, and fill them in with a dark lip color.

10. For the hair, if you have longer hair and you want to create a 20's inspired hairstyle: Braid your hair into two loose braids, place them on the back of your head in a cross shape, and secure with a hair band across your forehead.

Annnnd.. You're done! :)

Oct 24, 2012

Sigma "Crush" Eyeshadow-Nail Polish

You've probably seen me doing my own nail polishes out of eyeshadows before.. This time I've decided to try out one of my favorite Sigma eyeshadows, from the Flare palette (Which will soon be available individually! Yay!), as a nail polish. All I've done was just scrubbing some of the eyeshadow on a flat surface (not much at all. You can see from the pictures how much I have left, and that's after using the eyeshadow quite a lot on my eyes, too). And I added some drops of clear nail polish to it. Mixed, and polished! :)
Love how it turned out! The color is kind of a red-based brown, with a greenish-teal duo chrome to it.

Oct 21, 2012

OOTD: Maxi

This skirt was my mom's, until I said I want a maxi skirt, and she said she doesn't really wears it anymore.. And now it's mine! :)
Ironically, the sweater is also my mom's ^_^ What can I do? I looove her taste and her clothes! Especially the ones she used to wear during the 90's.. Love that time! I actually didn't even noticed the whole outfit was my moms just until now that I'm writing this post, lol :P
Since it's pretty cold outside already I wore gray tights under the skirt, to match the sweater, and my lovely gray shoes :) I also added some curls in my hair (my hair is naturally curly, but more of a messy curl, so I gave it some twist with my flattening iron here and there..

Skirt: My moms
Sweater: My moms
Shoes: Marko

Oct 16, 2012

NEW Exiting Products From Sigma!!!

I am sooooo exited to share these news with you guys!!! :D
Looks like Sigma is planing to launch some brand new products throughout the end of the year, along with the very first retail store of Sigma Beauty, in the Mall Of America! I will be sure to keep you updated with the grand opening date, when I will have the details! :)
So let's jump into the NEW PRODUCTS!!!

*I will also update ya'll when I have more details about all of these goodies coming up!

1. Eyeshadow Bases

The Bare, Dare and Flare Eye Shadow Base Kits contain a set of 3 eye shadow bases and one brush for a seamless application (available for $36). The eye shadow bases were made with a smooth and blendable formula to achieve a long-wearing, high pigmented effect. Mix and match these bases with our original eye shadow palettes or wear alone to create a variety of looks. The best part is that these bases will also be sold individually, for $13 each! :)

2. Individual Products
Now this is something I, personally am very exited about, and I think a lot of people have been waiting for Sigma to come up with.. Ready?.. Eyeshadow shades from the Dare, Bare, Flare and the limited edition Paris palettes, are going to be available INDIVIDUALLY! 
Also, The brow pencil, highlighting pencil, brow gel and brow powder shades from the Beauty Expert - Brow Design Kit, are going to be available individually as well! 

Be sure to come back and check out my blog. I will be sharing all the details, dates and prices about these products soon! :)

I already have some of these to the new year wishlist.. And some for Christmas gifts ^_^ How about you? Which product are you most exited about? :)