Aug 22, 2013

Sigma Crème de Couture Collection (UPDATED)

Hi everyone! Haven't posted in a while, ha? Well, I'm still active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter though! So make sure to follow me there too!
So the other day I have found out that Sigma is going to come out with this collection.. As soon as I saw the picture, I was mesmerized! Haha I loved the colors SO much!! Love at first sight. Can't remember when I felt like this for a collection last time.. (Or maybe I do. I think the last time was when the MAC Spring Color Forecast collection came out..)
Anyway! The best way to describe it is probably to show you the picture! :)

Ahhhhh *_*
Isn't it just beautiful??
I mean, look at these soft pastel colors! I want to eat this collection!
Ok, so now I'll stop talking about it and let's get into the details about it:
This collection is called "Crème de Couture", it is featuring an eyeshadow palette with 16 candy-colored shades (32$), and 3 velvety-sweet blush shades (12$ each). You can also purchase the entire collection for 55$ and save money (68$ value).
Sigma says: "Experience these dreamy, macaron-inspired flavours through the whimsical fantasy of Crème de Couture." 
This collection is NOW available to purchase on the Sigma website. (Don't forget to use the monthly coupon code at checkout for a 10% off! You can always find the monthly code on the right side bar of this blog. Just click on it and it will take you to the website). It is going to be LIMITED EDITION collection so hurry up! From what we've seen the pre-sale of this was such a success that they were sold out of it even before it launched, so something tells me it's going to be sold out really fast this time as well.. So be sure to place your order now if you really want it :)

I am SOOOO getting one of these palettes! ^_^ What about you? :)

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