Mar 25, 2013

If I Could Create My Own Palette...

Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever had an image of a specific color in your mind that you really couldn't find anything like it? So you had to try an mix some different colors together to have it, or just deal with a similar color you have?
Well what if you could create your own palette? What colors would you put in it and why?
I thought it would be a fun thing to do, so I threw some colors I like into one "palette" and that's what I got:
And I'm pretty sure that if I had the (very fun) chance to create/design an eyeshadow palette, It probably wasn't ending up looking exactly like this, because I would really put a lot of thought into it, thinking about different aspects. (Like adding some neutrals for everyday looks and for blending, as well as some fun colorful colors, and again, putting colors I haven't seen in a lot of palettes, that I really want to see together in one convenient palette.)
But for this, I really just had fun and didn't put too much thought into it. And so this is what it looks like! :) I actually like it!
I've tried to arrange the colors from dark to light, and from left to right, this is what you see:
A dark chocolate brown - because it always goes with everything, compliments any skintone for different purposes (darking up the crease area or the outer corner of the eye, blending, or adding some drama to the look)
A dark brown toned cherry color - because, from the more "colorful" dark colors - deep cherry, burgundy, wine colors are my favorite! (And look great on any eye color, really).
A bright vibrant purple color - Because it looks nice with my eye color (green) ^_^ and because I think it's a very fun bold color.
Light lilac color with gold glitter - just one of those colors I couldn't really find, but I think is very pretty! (Nars Strada eyeshadow is very similar, just with a little bit of bigger glitter particles, and NO fallouts!)
A duo chrome eyeshadow that changes color from ancient pink to soft orange peach, under different lights (that one sounds fun ha?)
A light peach - just for something for a more natural looks, but still with some color. For all over the lid or something.. And because I LOVE peach colors! :)
Light tangerine - Just because I thought this palette could use a crazy color like this, and it looks nice to complete it all.
Last but not least - a creamy beige color with just a touch of peachy sheen. For highlighting! :)

So think about it for a second. How would YOUR palette look like? :)

Mar 22, 2013

Are You Ready to Embrace the Upcoming Summer?

Do you remember Firmoo? The cool online store I've told you about in the past? I got my first pair of glasses from them for free, and you can get that as well! Just go to their website by clicking here and click on the blue button on the left bottom corner, where it says "First pair free for new costumers", and choose a pair! All you have to pay is the shipping!
But today I want to tell you about their new summer collection/glasses.

With the summer in the air, have you all been ready to embrace it with the utmost enthusiasm and vigor? Now, sunglasses have conventionally been the ideal tool to prevent the fatal and life threatening UV radiation and annoying glare. In this upcoming summer, what will lead the fashion trend in the sunglasses department? We dare to say wraparound sunglasses for their better protection from UV rays. But for the people who have vision problems, a pair of sunglasses is not enough. In this case, prescription sunglasses can provide an excellent service.

Where will you get sunglasses? Firmoo ( should be one of your better choices, because they are offering sunglasses with high quality but at wholesale price. The latest styles and designs will make you outstanding among the public.

Since summer is already there, it’s the greatest time to grace your eyes with a pair of bold sunglasses. Come on, let’s rock the fashionable sunglasses.

*This post is sponsored by All the photos in this post (except of the second one, of me) are from Firmoo+ , "the World’s NO.1 Eyewear Styling Community which focuses on the styling of eyewear and clothes, accessories, etc." Welcome all fashionistas to join in!

Mar 19, 2013

All Things Peach

Products Used:
UD Primer Potion 
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette
Beautycare No03 Stardust Shadow
Makeup Forever No05 Blush Powder
MAC Follow Your Fantasy eyeshadow 
Beautycare white eye pencil
Maybelline Great Lash Big mascara in Very Black 
MAC Ripe Peach blush
YSL Rouge Voluptè lipstick (62HN00 - 30)

Click here to see the video tutorial on Youtube!

Mar 18, 2013

NEW From Sigma: Limited Edition Resort Palette

So many people were talking about this and it's finally here! The NEW Resort palette by Sigma Beauty is NOW available on!
Oh doesn't it brings the smell of spring and summer to the air?? Look at these colors!!!
Looks like such a great palette for travelling! These are the sort of fun color you'll probably want to use on a summer getaway or a fun vacation!
This palette is a LIMITED EDITION! Which means that when it's sold out it's not going to be available anymore. You can get it at the Sigma website for 42$. And what you're getting for this price?
Well, this gorgeous palette comes with eight high pigmented eyeshadows, one blush, a liquid highlighter and a dual-ended eyeliner pencil in a chocolate brown and sky blue colors!
You also get a FREE gift when you buy that (as you get a free gift with any 30$ purchase or more!)
As you can see, the palette contains neutral colors as well as more vibrant, colorful fun shades, which allows you to create natural day looks, fun colorful ones, night looks, and combinations! Just be creative!
In this palette you basically have all you need for a great vacation and different looks!
Click on the image below to go to their website and don't forget the monthly discount code for a 10% OFF! (Which you can find on the upper right corner of the sidebar of this blog)

*Photos taken from

Mar 13, 2013

How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger (Without Lipglass Or Lipstick)

Helloooo everybody! :)
We all sometimes want our lips to look a bit bigger (especially those of us who barely have any lips, if you know what I mean..). But what if I don't want to wear red lipstick, going outside the lines of my natural lips to make them bigger? what if I'm going to school, or work, and I want them to look bigger in a more "day-time", natural way? Or what if I don't like plumping lipglosses? They're often sticky or not holding on for too long..
Well, today I have a video tutorial for you to show you exactly how to do that! Making your lips appear bigger and fuller, without using a plumping lipgloss or a lipstick! Using some simple tricks!
It takes a lot less time than the video longevity  I promise! It's just because of the intro, closing, and the fact that I explain every step to you while doing it, that it seems to take a longer time. But it's actually very quick and easy! Anyone can do it! :)

Products Used:
Eos lip balm
MAC lip pencil in Dervish 
Berry color lip pencil (name of company unknown..)
Benefit high beam highlighter
Sigma L05 lip brush
MAC miniralized blush in Pressed Amber 

Mar 12, 2013

Wet N' Wild Petal Pusher Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos & Swatches

Since you all know how I love my "Comfort Zone" eyeshadow palette by Wet N' Wild (which was featured in my latest Favorites video) (Review here), I just had to get another palette of these! This time I got the Petal Pusher palette. Most of it's shades are purple toned. Some cooler, some warmer. But altogether I think this palette is great for either daytime looks, or night time smokey looks!
Again, the palette is divided into two parts, and on each part you can find a shade that's suggested by the brand for browbone highlighting, a shade that's for all over the lid, one for the crease, and another one for the outer edge of the eye, as a definer. Although I think the shades they suggest for these certain areas are really suitable for that, you of course can mix and match the colors, and obviously don't have to use them in the areas suggested.

The colors are very pigmented. Most of the shades are shimmery or have a pearly-sheen to them. The cost of this palette is 3.99$CAD, and you can find it at almost any drugstore. (I actually stumbled upon it at the grocery store haha)
The left side of the palette is the lighter one.
The first, Browbone shade, is a white base with a pink duo-chrome pearly sheen. Perfect for the browbone, inner corners, or around the edges of purple colors to make it look "glowing".
The Eyelid shade is a warm pink with golden sheen.
The Crease color is a cool purple shade with a bit of bluish under tone sheen.
The Definer shade on this side is the most blue-shade purple in the palette, with silver glitter.
The right side of the palette has the darker, more shimmery shades.
The Browbone shade on this side is a silvery pink. Very pigmented.
The Eyelid color is a burgundy with golden shimmer.
The Crease shade is a darkened plum with purple-burgundy shimmer.
The last shade, the Definer on the right side, is an ashy black with silver shimmer. The shimmer holds on to the shade very well, even when swatching with no base underneath.

I can't wait to make some looks with this one! It looks so pretty! And the fact it's that cheap for such pretty pigmented colors, is just a huge bonus!

Mar 8, 2013

All About Eyeliner: Tips, Tricks & 5 Different Ways To Wear It!

There are SO many different ways you can wear your eyeliner! It's so fun to just be creative and try out different shapes, to see what suits you the best! It's also fun to change the shape of your liner from day to night, and wear it a bit differently for every occasion.
In the video below I show you 5 different ways you can wear your eyeliner everyday, and also share some tips on how to do it! You can use any type, shape or color of eyeliner you like for this!
Enjoy! :)

Click here to see the video tutorial on Youtube!