Mar 12, 2013

Wet N' Wild Petal Pusher Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos & Swatches

Since you all know how I love my "Comfort Zone" eyeshadow palette by Wet N' Wild (which was featured in my latest Favorites video) (Review here), I just had to get another palette of these! This time I got the Petal Pusher palette. Most of it's shades are purple toned. Some cooler, some warmer. But altogether I think this palette is great for either daytime looks, or night time smokey looks!
Again, the palette is divided into two parts, and on each part you can find a shade that's suggested by the brand for browbone highlighting, a shade that's for all over the lid, one for the crease, and another one for the outer edge of the eye, as a definer. Although I think the shades they suggest for these certain areas are really suitable for that, you of course can mix and match the colors, and obviously don't have to use them in the areas suggested.

The colors are very pigmented. Most of the shades are shimmery or have a pearly-sheen to them. The cost of this palette is 3.99$CAD, and you can find it at almost any drugstore. (I actually stumbled upon it at the grocery store haha)
The left side of the palette is the lighter one.
The first, Browbone shade, is a white base with a pink duo-chrome pearly sheen. Perfect for the browbone, inner corners, or around the edges of purple colors to make it look "glowing".
The Eyelid shade is a warm pink with golden sheen.
The Crease color is a cool purple shade with a bit of bluish under tone sheen.
The Definer shade on this side is the most blue-shade purple in the palette, with silver glitter.
The right side of the palette has the darker, more shimmery shades.
The Browbone shade on this side is a silvery pink. Very pigmented.
The Eyelid color is a burgundy with golden shimmer.
The Crease shade is a darkened plum with purple-burgundy shimmer.
The last shade, the Definer on the right side, is an ashy black with silver shimmer. The shimmer holds on to the shade very well, even when swatching with no base underneath.

I can't wait to make some looks with this one! It looks so pretty! And the fact it's that cheap for such pretty pigmented colors, is just a huge bonus!


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