Mar 25, 2013

If I Could Create My Own Palette...

Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever had an image of a specific color in your mind that you really couldn't find anything like it? So you had to try an mix some different colors together to have it, or just deal with a similar color you have?
Well what if you could create your own palette? What colors would you put in it and why?
I thought it would be a fun thing to do, so I threw some colors I like into one "palette" and that's what I got:
And I'm pretty sure that if I had the (very fun) chance to create/design an eyeshadow palette, It probably wasn't ending up looking exactly like this, because I would really put a lot of thought into it, thinking about different aspects. (Like adding some neutrals for everyday looks and for blending, as well as some fun colorful colors, and again, putting colors I haven't seen in a lot of palettes, that I really want to see together in one convenient palette.)
But for this, I really just had fun and didn't put too much thought into it. And so this is what it looks like! :) I actually like it!
I've tried to arrange the colors from dark to light, and from left to right, this is what you see:
A dark chocolate brown - because it always goes with everything, compliments any skintone for different purposes (darking up the crease area or the outer corner of the eye, blending, or adding some drama to the look)
A dark brown toned cherry color - because, from the more "colorful" dark colors - deep cherry, burgundy, wine colors are my favorite! (And look great on any eye color, really).
A bright vibrant purple color - Because it looks nice with my eye color (green) ^_^ and because I think it's a very fun bold color.
Light lilac color with gold glitter - just one of those colors I couldn't really find, but I think is very pretty! (Nars Strada eyeshadow is very similar, just with a little bit of bigger glitter particles, and NO fallouts!)
A duo chrome eyeshadow that changes color from ancient pink to soft orange peach, under different lights (that one sounds fun ha?)
A light peach - just for something for a more natural looks, but still with some color. For all over the lid or something.. And because I LOVE peach colors! :)
Light tangerine - Just because I thought this palette could use a crazy color like this, and it looks nice to complete it all.
Last but not least - a creamy beige color with just a touch of peachy sheen. For highlighting! :)

So think about it for a second. How would YOUR palette look like? :)


  1. Very creative idea! Sometimes I have days where I just can't find the perfect eye shadow and have wanted to create my own - I guess I'm not the only one! :D
    I love the duo chrome eyeshadow - sounds very interesting ;)

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