Mar 13, 2013

How To Make Your Lips Look Bigger (Without Lipglass Or Lipstick)

Helloooo everybody! :)
We all sometimes want our lips to look a bit bigger (especially those of us who barely have any lips, if you know what I mean..). But what if I don't want to wear red lipstick, going outside the lines of my natural lips to make them bigger? what if I'm going to school, or work, and I want them to look bigger in a more "day-time", natural way? Or what if I don't like plumping lipglosses? They're often sticky or not holding on for too long..
Well, today I have a video tutorial for you to show you exactly how to do that! Making your lips appear bigger and fuller, without using a plumping lipgloss or a lipstick! Using some simple tricks!
It takes a lot less time than the video longevity  I promise! It's just because of the intro, closing, and the fact that I explain every step to you while doing it, that it seems to take a longer time. But it's actually very quick and easy! Anyone can do it! :)

Products Used:
Eos lip balm
MAC lip pencil in Dervish 
Berry color lip pencil (name of company unknown..)
Benefit high beam highlighter
Sigma L05 lip brush
MAC miniralized blush in Pressed Amber 


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