Aug 31, 2012

OOTD: Pastels

Me and Alex drove to the lake to breath some fresh air yesterday :) And we took these pictures. I got a package from my mama the other day and I got lots of goodies!! This top and this clutch\bag are two of them. I paired them with my light jeans and white ballet flats. I kept my makeup to a minimum since everything was so light, and just added a fun pink lipstick. Also, I added some spice by adding layered necklaces, which one of them is a DIY candy necklace I made out of polymer clay and a wrap of a candy which also was in the package I've received! :)

Jeans: Pull And Bear
Flats: Givona Jolie
Candy necklace: DIY
Ribbon necklace: Forever 21
Spike bracelet: Forever 21
Watch: Hudson
Nails: Essie - "Topless and Barefoot"

Aug 29, 2012

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline Review, Photos & Swatches

I've been looking online on the MAC website just a day before I went to the store, deciding what I should get.. Just because I didn't had time (or money =\) for shopping last month, and I have my MAC Pro Student card which I haven't used even once yet. So Alex went to work and it was a perfect time for a little solo-shopping day. So the thing I saw online was this gel eyeliner, which is new and limited edition with the Styleseeker collection. I love MAC's fluidlines. I apply it with an eyeliner brush, and you can use any type of eyeliner brush you like to create the perfect shape for you! That's great!
Dark Diversion is a darkened  burgundy-berry color with kind of a wine\eggplant color undertone. It's a very interesting and beautiful color, in my opinion. And it's dark enough to be seen on your eye and define it, but it's not as sharp and hard as a black liner, and it adds some fun with it's color. Definitely a worth of try! :)
Color: Beautiful!
Texture: Smooth and semi-sheer, but buildable. Water resistant.
Price: $18CAD. Reasonable. Considering this little tube lasts for maybe more then hundreds of uses.

Aug 28, 2012

September Coupon Code For Sigma!

Time for Sigma's September 10% off coupon code! :) 
Use code SB2012 at checkout through the month of September 2012 for a 10% off your purchase!
Happy shopping! 

Aug 27, 2012

Pictures Tutorial: Teal, Brown and Gold Makeup Look

I wore this look several times this week and really loved it, so I decided to share it with you guys! :)
You can read a description under the photos.
First, I've used a teal color from my CS 88 Original palette (From the upper left corner of the palette - 5 right), using Sigma's E50 Large Fluff brush, applying the color to the inner half of my lid.
Then, I used Sigma's E35 - Tapered Blending brush, to softly apply a brown-teal (duo chrome) eyeshadow called "Crush" by Sigma, from the Flare palette, on the outer half of my lid.
Next, I applied "Hitch" eyeshadow, from the Bare palette by Sigma, using the E45 brush, to my crease.
I used the same "Hitch" color under my lower lash line, with the E20 brush.
Using the same E20 brush, I applied NARS Albatross highlighter to the inner corner of my eye, and the same highlighter under my eyebrow, using the E50 brush I've used first.
On my waterline, I applied MAC's Float On By eye kohl.
Finally, Apply some Very Black mascara from Maybelline - Great Lash Big.

Aug 26, 2012

DIY Eyeshadow Nail Polish

I've seen this a lot! And of course, really wanted to try it out myself. Yall know how much I love creating stuff and DIY projects :P
I didn't even took pictures while doing this, for a step-by-step pictures tutorial, because I really wasn't sure how good or bad will it turn out. But not that it turned out well, it turned out b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! :D The nail polish looks as amazing as (if not prettier than) the eyeshadow!
So I used the MAC miniralized eyeshadow in young punk, and just a clear nail polish from the drugstore. As I wasn't sure how it'll turn out because it was the first time I've ever tried this, I didn't even mixed the polish with the eyeshadow in a nail polish bottle or something. Instead, I crumbled a little bit of the eyeshadow to an bottle lid, and poured some of the clear nail polish into it as well. Then I mixed them up together very well until I got an even texture. Then I just painted my nails with it using the brush from the clear nail polish. I only had to use 2 coats to get this really opaque result! Finally, I've used a top coat to finish.
Very cool!
Now I want to try this more and more! And if I have an eyeshadow that I really like and wish I had the same color nail polish or could use it on my nails, or if I just want to match my eyeshadow with my nails - problem solved!! :)

Aug 23, 2012

OOTD: And Sugar, We're Going Up Swinging

There's this park with swings not too far from our house, and me and Alex like to go there sometimes when we walk out the dog. Usually there's no one there so it's kinda fun having it all to ourselves! :) that's why today we took the camera with us and shot these OOTD photos.
I wore my neon peach tank top and my DIY shorts which I made myself, and finally, my BRAND NEW SANDALS which I L-O-V-E! Aren't they cute?? So colorful and cute for summer! And very comfy, too! ;) Since I was in a colorful mood from my new sandals, I also did a colorful eyeliner using MAC Fix Plus and some colorful eyeshadows from my CS 88 palette, blended into each other :) It was beautiful sunny weather today and I am so enjoying the last days of summer!!!
Oh, and yes, the name of today's OOTD is from fall out boy's song - sugar we're goin down. (Just instead of down, WE are going up :))

Top: TNT
Shorts: DIY
Sandals: Call It Spring
Bag: Unknown
Nails: Nails Inc. London - Wellington Square + Sephora By OPI Matte top coat

Aug 21, 2012

OOTD: The Park

These pictures were taken by Alex (my husband), in the park near our house. You've seen this park in several other pictures of OOTD we made in the past. Today we had some things to do, and I've decided to wear one of my high wasted skirts. This one is a little bit longer than the other one I have. What makes it elegant. It is also very comfortable because of it's fabric, and I can walk around wearing it all day long :) I wore it today with a comfy shirt that falls from one shoulder, which turned out as a pretty good match to the skirt! And if we went to a comfy outfit, I paired it with my sandals (in which I can also spend all day on the feet). Overall it's comfy but yet looks very elegant and dressy! Which I love :)
Finally, a green eyeliner that I've created using an eyeshadow from my CS 88 palette, and a MAC Fix Plus, which matched the green in the shirt.

Shirt: Pull And Bear
Skirt: Mixi Fashion
Sandals: Marko
Clutch: A gift
Nails: Gradient ombre nails in gray and taupe
Spike and stones bracelets: Forever 21
Watch: Hudson