Aug 26, 2012

DIY Eyeshadow Nail Polish

I've seen this a lot! And of course, really wanted to try it out myself. Yall know how much I love creating stuff and DIY projects :P
I didn't even took pictures while doing this, for a step-by-step pictures tutorial, because I really wasn't sure how good or bad will it turn out. But not that it turned out well, it turned out b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! :D The nail polish looks as amazing as (if not prettier than) the eyeshadow!
So I used the MAC miniralized eyeshadow in young punk, and just a clear nail polish from the drugstore. As I wasn't sure how it'll turn out because it was the first time I've ever tried this, I didn't even mixed the polish with the eyeshadow in a nail polish bottle or something. Instead, I crumbled a little bit of the eyeshadow to an bottle lid, and poured some of the clear nail polish into it as well. Then I mixed them up together very well until I got an even texture. Then I just painted my nails with it using the brush from the clear nail polish. I only had to use 2 coats to get this really opaque result! Finally, I've used a top coat to finish.
Very cool!
Now I want to try this more and more! And if I have an eyeshadow that I really like and wish I had the same color nail polish or could use it on my nails, or if I just want to match my eyeshadow with my nails - problem solved!! :)


  1. wow that looks AMAZING =D I love your diys!

  2. I knew this was Young Punk right away when I saw the thumbnail, love that color. Great idea, it really looks awesome. I never thought of this before.

    xo Renee

  3. amazing color!! that's such a brilliant idea, thanks alot for sharing :) XO

  4. this looks awesome! and im already following you, just changed my profile name n url:) xx

  5. wow! it turned out great! I wanna try it :D