Aug 23, 2012

OOTD: And Sugar, We're Going Up Swinging

There's this park with swings not too far from our house, and me and Alex like to go there sometimes when we walk out the dog. Usually there's no one there so it's kinda fun having it all to ourselves! :) that's why today we took the camera with us and shot these OOTD photos.
I wore my neon peach tank top and my DIY shorts which I made myself, and finally, my BRAND NEW SANDALS which I L-O-V-E! Aren't they cute?? So colorful and cute for summer! And very comfy, too! ;) Since I was in a colorful mood from my new sandals, I also did a colorful eyeliner using MAC Fix Plus and some colorful eyeshadows from my CS 88 palette, blended into each other :) It was beautiful sunny weather today and I am so enjoying the last days of summer!!!
Oh, and yes, the name of today's OOTD is from fall out boy's song - sugar we're goin down. (Just instead of down, WE are going up :))

Top: TNT
Shorts: DIY
Sandals: Call It Spring
Bag: Unknown
Nails: Nails Inc. London - Wellington Square + Sephora By OPI Matte top coat


  1. I love the colors! especially your sandals :D

  2. You look gorgeous. I love your top and sandal. Such fresh colours! x

  3. What an amazing makeup!!! I love your sandals too,amazing :D


  4. Wow, your photos are great. LOVE your make-up and I'm so jealous of your figure!!!
    xoxo henny-paula