May 30, 2011

Purple Burgundy Makeup Tutorial

I'm back and with better quality! :) Last week on May 27th it was my birthday, and I got this new digital camera - the Nikon coolpix L120.

It's amazing! The quality of the video is really GOOD but the problem is I have to make it smaller to fit the size that is good for Youtube.. So the original video is actually much better!.. This makeup look has no mascara or liner on the lower lush line so it is somehow unique.

Products Used:
UD Primer Potion
MAC Fresh&Easy eyeshadow (middle)
UD Flash eyeshadow
Benefit Highbeam highlighter  
MAC Blacktrack fluidline
Covergirl Lashblast volume mascara
Tarte amazonian clay blush in Dollface
MAC creme d'nude lipstick

May 19, 2011

Sephora Haul!!

I went to Sephora and bought only 2 products, but it turned out I got back home with a bag (almost) full of products :)
I am still a little bit sick so you probably will hear that on the video.. So sorry about it.. I do have some good news tough :) I'm going to buy a new good camera so I can film some good quality videos and take good-zoomed pictures of my makeup so you can see better! It will be so much better and easier for both you and me!
Another thing I wanted to tell you guys, is thank you so much for watching my videos, comment on them and thank you for subscribing to my Youtube channel!! It really makes my day anytime one more person joins my Youtube channel or comments! So thank you SO much again, and fell free to request makeup looks and any tutorials!!
Love ya! :)

May 16, 2011

How To: The Perfect Eyeliner (Gel Liner)

I always get so many questions about my eyeliner. What kind of liner I use, how my hand is not shaking, how I make the line so perfectly thin\straight\smooth?
It is a little bit hard to explain how I do my eyeliner in words, so I decided to show you guys in a video! Hope it will answer a lot of your questions if not all of them.
I do use liquid liner and pencil liner, but as I say in the video, I prefer using a gel liner and I will recommend using it if you are just beginning with makeup. I think it will be the easier to use. 

About the OOTD: Most of my clothes I got abroad so that's why I'm not telling you where I got it. BUT! If I do have something on I got here in Canada, I WILL let you know!!

Products used:
MAC Blacktrack fluidline 
MAC 209 Brush
MAC 210 Brush

May 13, 2011

Everyday Makeup

This is my most worn everyday natural makeup. Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Products used:
UD Primer potion
MAC eyeshadow in Brule
UD eyeshadow in Toasted
UD eyeshadow in Smog
NARS highlighter in Albatross
UD 24\7 glide on eye pencil in Zero
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
JA-DE Lash Sublime mascara
MAC Cremed'Nude lipstick
MAC dazzleglass in Baby Sparks


May 9, 2011

Colorful Rainbow Eye Makeup

I always wanted to try something like this but never really dared. So this time I tried it! A very colorful fun look including 5 colors: yellow, red, bright blue, green and purple. Also I've decided to do "Outfit of the day" and I'll try to keep doing it in all of my next videos. Hope you'll like it!

Products Used:
MAC eye shadow in Chrome Yellow
MAC eye shadow in Red Brick
UD eye shadow in Flash
UD eye shadow in Painkiller
MAC eye shadow in Bitter
MAC eye shadow in Brule
MAC fluidline in Blacktrack
JA-DE Lash Sublime Mascara
MAC Ripe Peach blush
MAC Creme D'Nude lipstick


May 5, 2011

Ashley Olsen Inspired Makeup Look

I filmed a makeup tutorial on this one for you guys but when I started editing the video I noticed the video is blinging and getting stuck so I had to delete it :( Anyway I have the pictures of the final look so..

May 3, 2011

Megan Fox Makeup Look

I saw that the makeup look that got the most views and requests was the Megan Fox makeup look:
I did there 2 looks of her: one bright and on dark - the one she wears the most from what Iv'e seen it's the second one. So I decided to recreate it on a video tutorial.

Products used:
UD primer potion
MAC eye shadow in Brule
UD eye shadow in Smog
UD glide on eye pencil in Zero
Sephora eye shadow in Must Have No 6
UD Albatross highlighter
JA-DE Lash Sublime mascara
UD Laguna bronzer
UD blush in Orgasm
MAC Sheen Supreme lipstick in Gotta Dash!
MAC lipglass in Pretty, Quick!

May 1, 2011

Ladybug Photoshop Speed Painting

So because of the fact the last speed painting wasn't so good as I wanted it to be, I painted right away another one - a cute ladybug. This one came out better I think :)

Program used - Photoshop CS5.
Screen recording software used - Camtasia Recorder.
Original Time it took me to paint - 01:25 hours.