Sep 20, 2013

Sigma's Crème de Couture Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches & Looks

FINALLY! I got the Crème de Couture palette and I get to share it with you guys! :)
I can't even tell you how excited I am about this!!!
I want to warn you that this post is going to be long. Full of pictures and swatches, but also full of all of my thought I describe in details. So if you don't want to read it - just go ahead and look at the pictures and just read the bottom line ;)
First thing first, I did not received this palette from Sigma to review, in case you were wondering. And any of the thoughts I share in this post are truly my genuine thoughts and I won't recommend you to get anything if I don't relly think it is worth the money.
Soooo, now that we've got that clear :)
Inside the package I got the palette, a little card with a fall-inspired look using some colors from the palette and a description of how to get the look, and also a mini sample size of their Spa-glove for cleaning brushes, as a free gift! :) (Sigma is giving you a free gift with any purchase of over 30$, which is always fun! ^_^).

This palette is a part of the Crème de Couture collection by Sigma, which is limited edition (and got sold out on the pre-sale(!)). Along with the palette there are 3 blushes that you can purchase individually, or if you like the whole collection you can get the palette AND the blushes for a lower price. The only reason I didn't purchase the blushes is that I already have similar colors. But you should totally check them out here.
The collection is inspired by macaroons, and I absolutely LOVE the packaging! It's designed as a box of treats and it even has a little booklet inside with all the colors and the description of them. Just like you would get a description of all the sweets in a box of treats. That's just so adorable..
The colors of the packaging (as well as most of the colors in it) are light pastel-sweet colors, which I'm absolutely inlove with!

Inside the palette there are no brushes, add-ons or a mirror, which also contributes to the whole general "treat box" feel it has.

About the colors: There are 16 colorful, bright-pastel shades in the palette. If you like more of a neutral looks that you can wear everyday and if you are afraid of color - this palette is not for you. BUT, if you are like me and you like to express your inner artist and you like playing with color - you will love this!!!

All of the colors in this palette are matte. That's one of the things that make this palette so unique. I don't think I've ever seen a palette with all matte shades, especially when they are so bright, but still paste-lish. Although the shades are matte, they are not dry and actually very buttery and smooth. Like any matte shadows, they are just a bit chalky. But that's totally unnoticeable if you use a good creamy base underneath. They also blend very nicely with a base. I personally didn't had any fall outs at all.
For some reason I have expected this palette to be a bit bigger, but I've actually learned to love it's size, as it is very compact! :)

I think that's it for the overall impression. Let's move on to the swatches!

All of the above swatches are without any base underneath.
And here are some of the looks I've created using this palette: (Follow me on Instagram for more looks I'll be posting! :))

Bottom line: If you like color and like to experiment with different combinations, if you like brights and/or pastels, then you should definitely consider getting this one. It is available on the Sigma website for 32$, (or 55$ if you buy the entire collection), and It is totally worth the money. Because if you do the math, it means each shadow is 2$ (!!!!) And it is insane. 
If you do want to get this though, I would recommend ordering it asap, as it is limited edition and the fact it sold out so quickly on the pre-sale might mean it will be sold out fast on the launch as well.
Don't forget to use the coupon code that's on the right side bar of this blog, to save yourself some money, and you will also get a free gift! :)
(Okay so it's not really a bottom LINE, more like a bottom paragraph, lol).
Hope you found this review helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

P.S - look up for a tutorial using this baby very soon on my Youtube channel ;)