May 16, 2011

How To: The Perfect Eyeliner (Gel Liner)

I always get so many questions about my eyeliner. What kind of liner I use, how my hand is not shaking, how I make the line so perfectly thin\straight\smooth?
It is a little bit hard to explain how I do my eyeliner in words, so I decided to show you guys in a video! Hope it will answer a lot of your questions if not all of them.
I do use liquid liner and pencil liner, but as I say in the video, I prefer using a gel liner and I will recommend using it if you are just beginning with makeup. I think it will be the easier to use. 

About the OOTD: Most of my clothes I got abroad so that's why I'm not telling you where I got it. BUT! If I do have something on I got here in Canada, I WILL let you know!!

Products used:
MAC Blacktrack fluidline 
MAC 209 Brush
MAC 210 Brush

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