Oct 16, 2012

Do You Follow Me On Facebook?

Do you follow me on my FB page? 'Couse you really should! :) I have really nice things going on there that I don't usually post here, on my blog.
For example, I frequently upload LOTD photos, like the eye makeup looks I am wearing in certain days, or NOTD (which is my nail polish or nail art). Also I am posting more places there where you can find me, such as Pinterest or Fashiolista (which I recently started, and is really fun! :)) 
Also, I just posted there that apparently, my recent blog post was my 200th post! Yay! :)) 

Anyway, you can find some very fun random stuff on the Facebook page of MakeupAndArtFreak! So click here and "Like" it to follow! :)

These are just SOME of the recent photos you would find on there, if you are following:

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