Nov 15, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Sigma Gifts Under $60!

The holiday season is approaching, and we all need to buy some gifts :) If not for others, then for ourselves :P (We do need to treat ourselves for the new year, right? a new year with a new beauty product! :))
I love buying gifts for my loved-ones, and see their reaction! This is one of the best parts in the holidays, in my opinion! :)
As you all know, Sigma is TRULY one of my very favorite beauty brands! (I wouldn't talk so much about it unless I loved it that much). And one of the best parts about this brand is the reasonable and affordable prices you pay for a very high end, great quality products that last for a long time!
So today I've found some good deals for great gifts for Christmas for you family and friends, for under $60!!! :D YAY! Now it's up to you to decide if you are going to divide the sets I've combined here for 2-3 people (or more), or just gift it all to one! :)

Here we go:

1. Dry 'n Shape ($32) + One of the MAXBags (in a discount price of $25 instead of $29). And you can choose a baby blue one, or a black one.

2. Spa Solutions ($32) + One of the heart shaped mirrors (in a discount price of $22 instead of $25), which come in a variety of colors and designs.

3. The limited edition Paris palette alone ($59), or you can use a coupon code for $10 off, from one of the beauty gurus that participated in the making of this palette ($49) + One eye brush of your choice ($10).

4. Eyes kit ($57, instead of a full price of $74, if buying those brushes individually).

5. The Extravaganza body brush ($42) +

But these are just the tip of the ice when it comes to choices for cheap gifts from Sigma. They are just some of the options I personally think would be cute as a gift :) You can find lots and lots of more different combinations for under $60 and even under $40. Just visit and search for your best choice! :)