Nov 5, 2012

Gosh Holographic Hero - Review, Photos & Swatches

It all started when I fell in love with holographic polishes and never got to try one! One of the prettiest holo nail polishes I saw online was one by Gosh. I've read and "investigated" about it, but was disappointed to discover it was a limited edition deal.. However, I knew they're coming up with it every once in a while. So I've waited.
A couple of days ago, I went to the drug-mart and saw this beautiful holographic polish by Gosh! Yay! It's back!.. Or that's at least what I thought..
When I came home, I opened the web to see some swatches of the particular polish I've got, called "Holographic Hero". It looked pretty, but for some reason, not as pretty as it looks on MY bottle!.. Well I thought it's because the pictures I saw were taken in a bad light or something?.. So today I took off the nail polish I was wearing at the time, and decided to finally try it out!
The results? Well it IS beautiful. Can't lie about that. But it's still not what I wanted and not what I've seen online!.. The reason? apparently, the one I've seen was the Gosh "Holographic" nail polish. Not "Holographic Hero".. This one is said to be the exact same one as the Holographic one, and Gosh says it's 100% same formula. Well.. Can't agree about this. Although I don't know what they do with the formula, but you can see lots of comparison between the two on the internet, and it's obviously different.
What's funny about it is that the Holographic Hero looks a lot more holo in the bottle than the original Holographic nail polish (which looks just like a granulated multi color glitter), but on the nails - they look exactly the opposite!
Well.. I'd be laying if I said I'm not a little disappointed. But this nail polish IS very beautiful! However, I will be waiting for Gosh to come up with the original Holographic polish again.....
It applies very smoothly, and looks almost like a sticker!
Although you can see the holo effect only under certain lights (usually yellow room lights, or sunlight), it still looks like a pretty metallic-gray kind of color:


  1. Wow!!!!!! Love these nails!!!

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  3. What a great color. It's really an amazing nail polish color.


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