Jun 4, 2012

Sigma Premium Kit Review

I got this kit by mail only a few days ago, but I was SO exited about it that since then, not only I've been using it every single day, but I've played with it, tested it and tryed it with different products in any way I possibly could!
The result: I'm IN-LOVE _♡
These brushes are so professionally designed, soft, easy to use and high-quality, you can feel it right away. I've tried several drugstore and different brands brushes I had on one side of my face, and Sigma brushes from the Premium Kit on the other side, at the same time. I could feel the difference very clearly! I've never felt how spiny and scratchy the other brushes are, until I've compared them to the Sigma ones. Also, the Sigma brushes pick up the color SO good! The eyeshadow just sticks to the bristles and it makes it look so much more pigmented when you apply it on the lid then any other brushes I've had!
I find the brushes in the premium kit so versatile! You can use them for so many different things in addition to what is says each brush is for.
Before you first use Sigma brushes you want to wash them, only so the excess bristles will fall off. This shows that your brushes are brand new and no one has been touching them. After this first wash, they're ready to use, and from my experience with Sigma brushes - you barely will have bristles falling off (1-2), if any at all!
I always love so much how Sigma warps the product in a very pretty and cute packaging!
 You also get a free gift when you purchase over 30$. I've ordered this during the month of May, so I got this super cute sample size eyeshadow called Crush, from the Flare palette!
During the month of June, the free gift you receive when purchasing 30$ or more, is a mini E25 blending brush, which is one of my favorites! :) Click on the picture on the right side of the blog to redeem! Or if you're reading this and it's already after June, then be sure to follow my FB page for any Sigma Beauty free gifts and coupon codes each month! 
They also included a little card with instructions on how to take care of your brushes and how to clean them, as well as a bulletin thing explaining about the the kit, and about each and every one of the brushes included in the kit.
 The case itself is very big! I can fit the two palms of my hands on it. It also has this very cute mirrored zipper design that says "Sigma" on it.
The case contains 15 professional Sigma brushes, each wrapped in a nylon.
Each brush has a very pretty Sigma design on it with the number and the name of the brush. You can't see on the picture, but when you move the brush, it looks kind of holographic and changes color :) Very pretty!
Here's how Sigma describes the Premium Kit:
"The Sigma Beauty Premium Kit contains 15 professional quality brushes for the face, eyes and lips. This kit is the perfect addition to complete your brush collection. These brushes are unique, highly versatile and can be used to highlight both eyes and facial features."

The brushes that are included in this kit are:
Small Eye Liner - E10
Flat Definer - E15
Short Shader - E20
Blending - E25
Tapered Blending - E35
Small Tapered Blending - E45
Large Fluff - E50
Powder/Blush - F10
Duo Fibre Powder/Blush - F15
 Large Powder - F20
Tapered Face - F25
Tapered Highlighter - F35
Large Concealer - F65
Concealer - F75
Lip - L05

Those brushes can also be purchased individually by clicking the number of the brush above.


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