May 26, 2012

OOTD: Windy Day

We went out to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for my B-day cake :) It was a very windy day, you can tell from the pictures..
I was wearing a grey fluffy king of "over size" shirt that says "mon cherry" with a bow picture on it :)
The shirt is from "Fox"
Black skinny pants from Dolce & Gabbana
Grey sandals from Marko shoes
The bag is the black one that my mom got me
Jewelry:  my 3 usual silver rings and bracelet from Magnolia, my wedding ring (lol), the black watch I got for my last birthday from Alex, and Shell necklace which I made myself :)
On my nails I'm wearing MAC Little Girl Type nail polish with a black leopard print
And for my makeup, just a soft smokey gray eyes and pink lip!


  1. cute outfit, i love the nails

  2. You are just so pretty!
    I love the cute outfit and your fierce nails <3
    Happy Birthday! :)

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  3. Happy birthday honey your eyes are really pretty

  4. you always look so pretty

    btw i m late but happy birthday dear

  5. I love your nails! And your top is really cute. Happy belated birthday!

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  6. love the nailpolish! so cute and creative!

    - True