May 12, 2012

Wearable Red Eyeshadow

Long time ago, when I was just first introduced to the color wheel and it's tricks, I knew that to find the PERFECT color to match my eye color (which is green..) and make them pop, I need to go to the opposite or parallel color to green on the color wheel.
And that color is red. The first question that poped up in my head was How in the world am I supposed to wear RED on my lids?!
So after a short research and a LOT of practice and attempts, I finally got it! I first felt so intimidated by it, as I've found that it can make your eyes look tired. But right now I want to share all the techniques with you!
After a little search on the internet I have found some great pictures of women wearing red eyeshadow which looks absolutely amazing! Here are some of them to inspire you:

It is pretty hard to find a good red eyeshadow, but I know MakeupForever has one, and the one I'm using in the video below is MAC Red Brick eyeshadow. I have found some tricks to make red eyeshadow work and look wearable and flattering instead of vampy or "clownish". Be sure to check out the video below for all the tips and tricks!

Products Used:
Urban Decay Primer potion
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
MAC Red Brick eyeshadow
Sigma Bare palette - Approach
Sigma Bare palette - Hitch
MAC eyeshadow trio in Fresh & Easy (Middle color)
Beautycare black eye pencil
Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Very Black
MAC miniralized blush in Pressed Amber
MAC kissable lipcolour in Woo Me


  1. You have such beautiful green eyes! The red looks really complimentary on 'em. :)

  2. that's ORANGE not red!!!!!!! orange is actually pretty easy to work with while red is real tricky. your makeup is not too big an accomplishment and to be honest it doesn't look too good either...

    1. Well, Anonymous. Aren't you a fucking delight?