Feb 12, 2011


My husband started using twitter a wile ago - http://twitter.com/AlexK_eys , and he loved it so he opened an account for me too (because he knew I'll never open one for myself..), He also added a little twitter button for me on the bottom of this blog that leads to my new twitter account. However, I haven't used it since he opened it for me. So today i had some free time and i thought it will be nice to try it out, So today I officially started twitting! :) Yay congrats to me! haha
So first of all I'm sorry if some of you tried to see my twitter account and discovered that it was empty and that I haven't used it.. Now you can!  
Hopefully it will be fun! There, you will be able to see my life in another perspective other then just makeup and beauty (but, of course, that too..)

Soooo... I don't have any followers yet, obviously (I just started using it today..), So be the first ones and I'll follow you back! ;)

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