Feb 17, 2011

Shoes Story.. (And A Little Bit About The Wedding Party)

I am quite picky when it comes to shoes, But now i have my wedding party coming up (actually, i don't even know exactly how to call it - we got married 3 months ago in Canada with my husband's family and now we're going to celebrate it with my family and our close friends), and I WILL wear a white dress and stuff (Yey! So exited!!) but i don't want anything too fancy.. I  mean the dress is not going to be too puffed, and i don't want anything too crazy on my head.. So I didn't want to wear high heels too. I just thought it won't be too comfortable either 'cause I'm going to walk around all night and dance. After a long thinking I remembered my husband always wanted me to buy one of those "Ballerina shoes" (which I, personally, don't really like..I just don't think it's suitable for me), and when i told my mom about the idea she got exited and told me that's exactly what i should buy. So after a loooong searching for the exact shoes that i had in mind we found it! There was a sale on the store saying you can get the second pair of shoes for 50% off, it came out very inexpensive, So i got those shoes and another pair of really cute black half boots.


The thing is, with the another pair - the ballerina shoes, is that they didn't had my size in the store so they said they would order my size and call me ones it will arrive to the store so that i can come and get it.
The next morning i took my new boots out of the box and put them on. Me and my mom drive to the designer of my dress, and on the way i realized that the upper fabric of one shoe just cracked!! Luckily, the store was right on the way so we stopped there and the guy that soled them to me the day before, asked me to take them off. I did and gave it to him, he barely touched it and it just peels! He told me i can pick another pair of shoes so I got something similar. I wore them and got out. It was very funny and strange to go out with one pair and go back with another..

On the next day the guy from the store called me and said my white ballerina shoes arrived! So I picked them up.. Actually, I don't hate them THAT much :)

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