Feb 12, 2011

OPI Summer 2011

This summer there will be some new collections by OPI. It looks like the top coat for cracked look became a hit..
All the collections are going to be released during April and May of 2011.

First, Is the Femme de Cirque collection. The OPI softshades.
So Many Clowns...So Little Time - Sheer bright pink
In The Spot-Light - Sheer baby pink
I Juggle...Men - Sheer purpulish-teal 
Step Right Up - Sheer purpulish-pink

Next, is the Serena Grand Slam - Part two collection, Which is dedicated to the french open championship and includes one color and one top coat.

Spark De Triomphe - Opaque golden sparkles (big glitter)
White Shatter - White top coat

And, finally, the biggest collection of those - Pirates Of The Caribbean collection. Dedicated to the new 4-th Pirates Of  The Caribbean movie - "On Stranger Tides". It includes 6 shades and, again, a top coat.

Mermaid's Tears - Minted green
Stranger Tides - Khaki green
Planks A Lot - Bubbly purple
Sparrow Me The Drama - Creamy bubble gum pink
Skull & Glossbones - Grayish green
Steady As She Rose - Pale pink

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