Apr 9, 2013

Discovering Sugarpill Cosmetics

I have heard about Sugarpill Cosmetics in the past, but never really looked into them too much. Gladly, I did now! And oh-my-goodness am I in love???!
Sugarpill are featured in IMATS, and I think that's where I have first seen them. After browsing their website, the photos on the web and some swatches and reviews from other people, I must say I have a very great desire to get some of their makeup and lashes!!! At first I thought it's a bit pricey, as the 34$ tag pops out after a good 15 minutes staring at the gorgeous colors. But after you shake out of it and do the math: the eyeshadows are HUGE! And they don't only look like that. They are 0.14 oz each. (For comparison: it's almost 3 times bigger than a MAC eyeshadow!) and that means each of the 4 in their quads is 8.5$! (let's just continue with the MAC comparison - a MAC eyeshadow of 0.05 oz is 14.5$.)
My favorite?? Their Burning Heart eyeshadow quad which comes in a cute little palette with a mirror, and 4 gorgeously vibrant colors: yellow, orange, red and purple! :D The funny thing is that this morning, It said on their website it's out of stock. I was sad :( but just now it is available again! So if you see something you like and it's out of stock, just keep going to their website (you can click here to go there) and check out if it's back in stock! :)

I would suggest you to go to Temptalia's website to check out some of her swatches, just to see how insanely pigmented those are!
You can see some here: http://www.temptalia.com/sugarpill-cosmetics-pressed-eyeshadow-reviews-photos-swatches
And here: http://www.temptalia.com/sugarpill-cosmetics-burning-heart-eyeshadow-quad-review-photos-swatches

And yes, I am now affiliating for them! :) And no, I am not telling you all of these good things about them because I am an affiliate. I have actually started affiliating with them just today, when I have started "discovering" their products last week. You may or may not believe me, but why listening to me? the prices on their website, and these pictures, can speak for themselves:

*The pictures on this post are taken from SugarpillShop.com, Sugarpill Facebook page and from other places on the web.

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