Apr 30, 2013

Sigma Coupon Code For The Month Of May!

A new coupon code is now available for a 10% off your purchase at Sigma Beauty, when ordering over 30$ during the month of May! (Click on the picture below to use the code at checkout)

Here are some ways to take great advantage of this code this month, to get MORE! :)

1. Use it to purchase the NEW and LIMITED EDITION Resort palette! (I write about it here). This is an amazing opportunity to get it for cheaper, and remember - it's not going to be available for too long, as it's going to be gone once out of stock! So hurry up!

2. Use this coupon code and purchase SALE items! This way you get a discount on top of a discount!!!

3. You get a FREE gift with any purchase of over 30$ (And yes, the new Resort palette is included in this category too!). Use the coupon code AAM2013 at checkout with products of 30$ or more to get 10% off AND a complimentary gift! :) That's a double win! :D 
(*Note that the complimentary gift won't show up at checkout, but it will be added to your delivery!)

Have a great month of May and happy shopping! :)


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