Apr 19, 2012

The National Women's Show, Montana's And A New Dress!

If you are following me on twitter, or friends with me by Facebook, then you probably know I was at thw National Women's Show in Ottawa last weekend, at the GA-DE counter, doing peoples makeup! :) It was lots of fun and I've met many cool people there! A lot of you where asking me what GA-DE is, so it's a European brand, that is new to Canada. I actually have no idea if it's available in the US too.. I think not.. Anyway, right now it has no stores in Canada and it only sales online, but they hope to open some stores soon! I will be reviewing one of their products soon.

 After that, me and Alex decided to go have some dinner at a local restaurant named "Montana's". It has this cool interior design, glass jars instead of glasses, and the tablecloth is made of this material which you can paint on! And they even give you some crayons haha! I've ordered nachos and Alex ordered something I've never tried and have no idea what's it called.. But it was very funny when the waitress came with our dishes, and mine was like 4 times bigger then Alex's haha!

 The day after this, we went shopping and I bought this super pretty dress at Garage (it's a Canadian store that I really love :) I love the color of it! it's kind of a bright teal and it makes you skin look more tan! ^_^ 

I hope ya'll are having a great week! :)



  1. It is an Israeli brand actually...

    1. Yes it is. :) But when we were at the counter, we were guided to say it's an European brand, because it has 2 main factories in Europe.