Apr 2, 2012

Back To Canada!!..

3 Days ago we came back to Canada by air. We've had a 7 our waiting break in London, UK, where I got my YSL lipstick :)
The waiting time at Heathrow airport went pretty quick as most of the time we were just walking around the airport or eating :P Then I've decided to take an important step in my life and spend not a small amount of money to taste for the very first time the very famous and spoken treat.. Macaroons!! :D I have to admit it was pretty tasty :)

I'm pretty exited to come back to Canada, but I'm also very sad to leave my family and friends behind again :( Hoping to come back again soon and for much, much longer!!! <3

Oh and I'm sorry I had to skip this months favorites video AGAIN. It's because of the flight and everything.. >_<

Have a great day everyone!

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