Dec 5, 2011

Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are close and it's that time of the year when you need to buy lots of presents for lots of people! It can be very fun but very hard too.. Sigma beauty is that one brand where you can find so many different possibilities of gifts for your lovely friends, and you can get it for the least money amount you can spend on these products!! (Be sure to follow my FB page also for a 10% off plus free premium gift coupon code each month!)
I've tried to create this simple gift guide to cover all the different ways of shopping Sigma makeup you can try for the holidays and see what works best for YOU! :)

So let's SHOP..:

Sigma has this really great section on their site where you can find the brushes you're looking for by function! This is very useful so you can find the perfect makeup brushes you need by searching this category. You can build your own special brush set using this guide for your loved ones as a perfect gift so they'll have all the brushes they need!
The makeup brushes price is between 9$ to 42$.

 Does your friend likes a certain color? Sigma has different colors (including black, pink, red and purple) in lots of makeup products, brushes and accessories! You can shop by color and find the perfect gift for the person you want! You can be sure they're gonna love it!! You can also pair and get several different things in the same color to combine the perfect gift!

The best gift you can buy to your loved ones is not just one brush or one product, but a whole kit or set, and of course for a low and convenient price! Sigma has just that! You can choose out of many brush kits and gift sets they have on their site and save money on this perfect gift! 

Sigma has 5 NEW products launched during December 2011! This is a great opportunity to give those brand new products to your friends and family for the holidays so they will be the first ones to have it!!

If you're looking to save money, or instead - to invest money on a gift (for yourself or for someone else), Then you probably would like to know approximately the prices of all the different products on Sigma beauty. I have collected all the prices for you of the main products and kits so you can choose what is the best for your pocket!

Eyeshadow palettes: 35$
Individual brushes: 9-42$
Professional brush kits: 44-139$
Accessories (Brush care, Skin care, Makeup bags, Mirrors, Brush belts) 9-29$

Hope you had a great year of 2011, Have a great holiday and stay beautiful!! :)


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