Dec 13, 2011

Acid IDivine From Sleek Makeup - Overview + Tutorial

I've heard so many good things about this brand and this palette in particular that I just couldn't think about NOT trying to get it while I was in London, UK for one day.
It has these very special bright neon colors (the 4 in the middle), some great shimmery ones and several matte eyeshadows (the purple, the black and the white). The black is not a very dark intense black so be prepared for that. It is more of a graphite-ash black, and the white is a very sheer white..
Here are the swatches and pictures of it. Be sure to watch my full review and tutorial in the video below (I did the brightest look I could get out of this palette but I'll be sure to do some different ones in the future..)

P.S - Sorry about the lack of my Nov. Faves video this month.. Have been very busy as you know.. But because I had the idea of making a year faves video I will be sure to include my (very little) November and December faves too in it! :)


  1. wow great pigmentation

  2. I wish Sleek was sold in the US! I am so impatient I want to see things before I buy them--you have great swatches though, and I am very interested in buying some Sleep products!

  3. Such a great post, I like it!!! This palette is simply great!

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  5. what a gorgeous palette, the colors are amazing!

    Just Tututiny