Dec 31, 2013

New Year, New Blog, Another GIVEAWAY.. Oh My!..

Happy New Year People! :D

I wanted to thank all of you for your support and for watching my videos, for reading my blog, commenting and subscribing to my Youtube channel! I am so grateful for you guys! So THANK YOU!

This year was packed with so many things and there are so many great things coming up for 2014! I wanted to do a little recap post here about 2013 and tell you all about the great things that are coming up and my goals and expectations for the new year! BUT.. I am not going to do this HERE.. BECAUSEEEE... I am going to do this on my NEW BLOG!!!!

Yay!!!! ^_^
This year I have decided to start a new blog and post a lot more often than I did, about a lot of different subjects! The new blog is and you can expect finding Makeup looks, tutorials, pictures, nails, fashion, OOTD's, beauty news, giveaways, reviews and lots of fun stuff there this year!
I would really appreciate and LOVE to have YOU as a follower on my new blog! :)

So go ahead and click here to go to my new blog! Follow it with Bloglovin', RSS, email, or any other way you like to stay updated with blogs you follow!

See you on NEW Official Makeup And Art Freak! :D

P.S - You didn't get the title wrong.. There is going to be an upcoming GIVEAWAY on my new blog ;) Read all about it on the new blog!


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