May 10, 2013

Sigma Brow Powder Duo & EyeShadow Base Photos, Swatches, Review/First Impression!

Sooo exited! Look what I got in the mail box today!!! :D
That's right! I got the Sigma Eye Shadow Base in Persuade, and their Brow Powder Duo in Dark (also available in Light, Medium and Auburn.) And as for the Eyeshadow Bases- you can get them individually, or in sets, and save money! :)
I wanted to try their Eyeshadow Bases for so long! (since they launched, actually..). So many people have been talking about them, compering them to the MAC Paint Pots. They say Persuade is actually a dupe for Mac's Painterly Paint Pot, but I don't have it, so I can't say for sure.
The package of the Eyeshadow Base is really nice. On the carton you can see the name of the shade on top, on a sticker that is the same shade :) The container is plastic and pretty big but light. You get 0.17 oz of product in this pot.
 Another thing I like about the packaging is that the gold Sigma logo on top is printed on the lid, so it's not a sticker. It's part of the design and it's not going anywhere!
When you open the lid, there's a little seal inside, to prevent the product from drying out quickly (one of the main problems about MAC paint pots.. So I hope to see this one will solve the problem! :D). The little thing you need to pull to take out the white lid is actually shaped like a tiny leaf. So cute! Love the detailing of Sigma.
So the shade "Persuade" is matte, nude beigy-toned, with slight pinkish undertone.
On the above picture you can see the size comparing to my hand.
The texture of the Eyeshadow Base is super creamy and smooth, and very nicely applied to the skin. It's opaque and pigmented, yet buildable. It dried pretty quick and stayed on mt wrist, even after rubbing it. I also tried to rub it out with water and it took a while to eventually take it off, so I can say it's also water resistant!
The shade is very close to my skintone so you can barely see it on the above picture..

So next, is the Brow Powder Duo!
I really needed an eyebrow powder because I've been using Sigma's eyeshadow in Hitch (from the Bare palette), in the areas I needed to go lighter on my brows, and then mixing Hitch with Control, in the areas I needed to fill in the eyebrow darker (I do have VERY dark eyebrows), but Control alone was too dark for me, and I really felt bad wasting Hitch on my eyebrows.. So I was so glad they came up with the individual Brow Powder Duos and I have found the shade that's exectly for me!!!
I am so glad I got it and I am so happy with it! I was afraid the lighter color in the duo will be too light, but it turned out a shade darker than Hitch, so that's perfect for me! And the darker shade is exactly the mix between Hitch and Control that I was mixing to create the perfect shade for my eyebrows! Yay!! :)))
The packaging is also plastic and it's nice and light. Again, just like the packaging on the Eyeshadow Base, the color is written on a sticker of the same color on top of the carton box it came in, and the logo on the plastic container is printed on it as a part of the design, and it's not a sticker. On both of them, only the name tag on the bottom of the container is a sticker.
The above picture was taken with camera flash, and shows the color very well as it is in reality.
These are the swatches of both sides of the duo. You can totally mix them, but I know I will use them separately for lighter and darker parts of the brow, to make it look natural! :)

With the package, I got a little brochure with all of their makeup products, which is really nice and handy.

I am looking forward to use these! I love how Persuade is a neutral color that I think will suit great under any eyeshadow color, and I expect using the Brow Duo every single day! :))

You can get these products at Sigma Beauty. The Brow Powder Duo is 14$, and the individual Eyeshadow Base is 13$.

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