Feb 4, 2013

The All New Sigma Eyeshadow Bases Are NOW AVAILABLE!!!

I am SO exited about the new eyeshadow bases from Sigma that are now available!!! Sigma says The base collection evolved from their best-selling Bare, Dare and Flare eye shadow palettes, and that all of the bases can be used with a wide variety of colors to enhance and transform the eye shadows. The bases have a smooth, quick-drying formula that is easy to apply and blend.
So you can purchase the shades individually for 13$ each, or you can get them in sets of 3 PLUS the F70 brush that comes with each set, for 36$ :)

Click on the image below to shop them at Sigmabeauty.com, and don't forget to use the monthly coupon code for a 10% off your purchase (on the right side of this page) :) 

Happy shopping!!! 

*Pictures by Sigmabeauty.com
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