Jul 10, 2012

Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips - How To Apply

I wanted to try these for SOOO long! The only thing that stopped me from it, was the fact that I don't really like nail stickers and stuff like that. But the minute I have found out they're actually nail polish strips, and not actual stickers, I had to give it a try! I was surprised how easily they apply (although it might look complicated), and they actually even smelled like nail polish to me.
I think nail polish strips are a fun way to be creative and have your nails done without the need to wait for the polish to dry, try have a steady hand to draw something on them, or go to a salon and spend too much money. And it wears off using a nail polish remover.
Also, it says it holds up to 10 days, For me, it holds up wayyy longer then a regular nail polish! As I'm typing this, it's been like 5 days and it looks as it was the day I've applied it!
 I got No 480 - I Love Lacey
 The little box contains 16 strips, A mini file, a wooden cuticle stick, and directions
 You want to start with clean and nail-polish-free hands. Measure and choose the right sizes for your nails (*if you have short nails, you can cut the strips in two and use then 2 times)
 Push cuticles back with wooden stick (I used the other side of the stick, but accidentally took a picture of the wrong side ha ha)
 Shape free edge of nail with the hot pink side of the file
 Smooth out the surface of the nail with the white side of the file
 Peel off the clear plastic cover, then the strip itself from the white backing paper
 Break the silver tab of the strip, choose the side of it that suits your cuticle best, place it on the nail, against cuticle, starting from the middle, lightly stretching the strip outward 
 Press strip to nail, then run flat side of the cuticle stick along the edges of the nail to firmly bond strip to nail
 Smooth access over the edge of the nail, forming a crease, then gently file off the rest using light pink side of the file
 Annnd.. there you go :)
 Final result 

And it doesn't even look like stripes! :)


  1. Wow those look lovely! They also look so real, when I saw the picture I thought it was crackle nail polish! :)

  2. sounds easy and looks awesome:) i recently changed my username and Blogname as well, do have a look:)