Nov 3, 2011

My Makeup Artist Portfolio!!!

So as you probably already know (if you're following me on twitter or have watched my latest videos), I am currently working on my portfolio as a makeup artist! :D (YAY!) I have been working with some amazing photographers and models. Thank you all so much! :) I have promised you I'll show you some of my work, here, on my blog. So I thought why show you only a PART of the portfolio?
I figured instead of posting pictures here, I'll just give you the link to my online portfolio! :)
So here it is: BUT keep in mind I'm just starting working on it so what you'll see there is NOT the final work and of course it will keep updating soon!
So be sure to come back and check it out every once in a while for updates! :) Even when it will be done, I'm gonna be updating it every time I'll do another makeup art work on a client, if I'll really like how it turns out!

Also, I've created an official Facebook fan page! :D Please be sweet and click here to view it and follow me! It will mean a lot and I'll really appreciate it!

So exited about the beginning of my career as a makeup artist, and I'll be sure to keep updating you on everything about it! :)
Wish me luck! ;)



  1. I love make up, tutorials and make up advice so I will be visiting you often ! I like your blog and style and if you want we can follow each other ! Kisses

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  2. great portfolio, love the lip photo!

  3. nice blog! :D
    anyway check out mine if you have a chance :)

  4. Thank you so much for your support, i'm following you back :)

  5. Wonderful portfolio!!! Keep on going and living your dream:) !!!! Love it! What do you think about following each other?

  6. Wow that's a great portfolio for just starting out! I love the green eyeshadow look! It's fab!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  7. Thankyou for left a coment in mine <3
    sure!we can be friends, I've following yours :D
    And good luck for your make up project

    Love from Bali,

  8. I really need make up advices! Congrats on your career!
    Come to visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other!

  9. good luck with ur career!! :D