Sep 23, 2011

Classic Beauty Blog Award!

Nykki from Nykki's mane blog awarded me with the Classic Beauty Blog Award! :) So first of all I want to thank her for this! It really means a lot! <3

This award is to honor those who have written some good blogs about beauty products, inner beauty and showing their own beauty within their written words. 

The rules: Pass this award up to 10 different blogs you also love and feel deserve this award. Link them in your post; Let them know you awarded them.

It was very hard to choose only 10, because I think each and every one of all the beauty bloggers deserve some kind of award! But I had to choose only 10 and I hope you will share the love! :)

Have a great day and keep doing what you do best! ;)


  1. thank you so much for this, really means a lot! I have never won a blog award before! xx

  2. Apparently I was living under a rock and totally missed this! Thanks so much for the award da'ling. I am also giving you an award. :)