Aug 26, 2011

Sigma Makeup - Eyeshadow Palettes And Accessories

On my last post I introduced you to Sigma's amazing makeup brushes! Today I'm going to talk about their eyeshadow palettes and accessories! :D

Remember the Complete brush kit with a roll I talked about last time? Well, if you would like to buy the roll only, you can! (20$)

A brush roll made of black synthetic material ideal to store and maintain your Sigma Makeup brush collection. Stylish, easy to use, and easy to clean. Features a convenient self-fastening closure. Fits 15 brushes.
* * *
Aaaand.. Remember the wonderful Make Me Up 12 brush kit? You can also buy the Brush cup holder separately! (20$)
It's absolutely great because it's an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders! Now you can keep your brushes organized at home or on the go!
* * *
Do you know haw frustrating it can be trying get your brushes back to their form after cleaning and washing them? I bet you do! 
Another amazing and highly recommended product for brushes is the NEW Sigma Dry'n Shape brush roll!!! (29$)

Tired of waiting for your brushes to dry after washing them? Wait no more! Introducing the revolutionary Sigma Beauty Dry’n Shape system! The Dry’n Shape was designed to completely dry and shape your most dense brushes within 4 to 6 hours, guaranteed. The Dry’n Shape provides the necessary pressure to bristles to quickly and efficiently remove water from every fibre. The fabric used to shape the bristles was specially engineered to accelerate water evaporation, resulting in a faster drying time for your brushes. The Dry’n Shape is an easy, quick, and effective way to quickly dry and shape your makeup brushes.
 * * *
Sigma Makeup also offers a range of beautiful makeup bags!
They have the Makeup Bag Kit which is available in red or in pink! (Now for 15$, instead of 22$!)
The exclusive Sigma Beauty bags are a must-have in any collection. Made of high quality satin with beautiful golden details, these bags were designed to carry your makeup items and brushes in style. Each kit comes with two bags for convenient distribution or larger and smaller items. 
The larger bag is perfect to store all of your Sigma Makeup brushes, whereas the smaller version is ideal to store your Beauty-On-The-Go shadows, blushes, and highlighters.
* * *
You HAVE to check their MAXbags too! They are so pretty!! :D I personally really like the design! And you can choose out of 3 colors: Black, violet and blue! (29$)
The MAXBag was especially designed to fit your entire makeup collection. It can even fit our full size complete kit with brush roll! Never leave your favorite products behind. Carry all of your beauty essentials wherever you go! 
* * *
For the professionals - Sigma Pro Brush Belt! In pink or in black! (29$)
A brush belt made of synthetic material, ideal to store and maintain your Sigma Beauty brush collection. Stylish, easy to use, and easy to clean.
* * *
And how is it possible without any cute little fancy accessory in our purse? :) Sigma has their little pretty heart shaped mirrors in a variety of colors and prints, so you can choose the one that is just for you! It is also perfect as a gift! (25$ solid color, 27$ printed)
Every girl needs a little dazzle! The Sigma Makeup exclusive Dazzle Heart pocket mirror is the perfect accessory for your makeup collection. Handmade, each rhinestone is individually placed on the surface of the mirror for a perfect finishing. All mirrors come in an exclusive black velvet bag and beautiful packaging. Each mirror contains 2 magnifications - regular and 5X
* * *
Sigma also offers a skin care product! You'll love their Cleansing & Polishing Tool! (39$)
Say goodbye to dull and uneven skin! With the new Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool you can polish your skin to be perfectly smooth and flawless before and after your makeup application. Comes with 3 brush heads, for Facial polishing, facial cleansing and body exfoliation. And it's water resistant! 
* * *
Finally, last but definitely not least - Sigma has 3 different eyeshadow palettes: Dare, Bare and Flare! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOSE! Not kidding! 8 great quality and pigmented eyeshadows and a 2 end Sigma makeup brush for such a good price! (35$)

The Sigma Beauty DARE palette includes the perfect mix of vibrant and neutral shades represented by warm and cool tones. This palette contains beautiful yet unexpected hues from neutral corals to deep reds and includes surprisingly wearable yellow and gold tones. DARE allows you to create colorful looks that can be easily accentuated with bright or deep colors. Go from day to night in seconds! Includes Sigma Beauty's best-selling E20 and E45 in an exclusive dual-ended brush. Contains matte and satin formulations.
Brushes in this palette: Short Shader - E20 - Flat, short, slightly rounded and dense brush. Perfect for precisely applying colors on the lid and smudging along the lash line.
Small Tapered Blending - E45 - Small domed brush with highly tapered tip. Versatile, this brush can be used to precisely apply and blend intense colors to the crease area.

The Sigma Beauty BARE palette is a must for everyday use. Ideal to create classic neutral looks, BARE is perfect for accentuating your best features without too much color distraction. Highlight inner corners, emphasize your crease, brighten your brow bone and enhance your lash line. With BARE's color selection, you can easily create day and night looks seamlessly and as subtle or as bold as you wish. BARE is perfect for a natural yet improved you! Includes Sigma Beauty's best-selling E30 and E25 in a unique dual-ended brush. Contains matte and satin formulations.
Brushes in this palette: Pencil - E30 - Precise application of color on the crease, outer corner, and upper and lower lash line. Also ideal to smudge out pencil liner. Natural bristles.
Blending - E25 - Oval-shaped brush with gently chiseled sides. Blends and softens the look of powder or cream shadows. Ideal to apply eye shadow primer, base eye shadow colors, and blend harsh lines.

The Sigma Beauty FLARE palette contains a beautiful combination of greens and purples, combined with browns and beiges that are perfect to create fun and colorful looks! This palette includes beautiful iridescent undertones, which offer a must have selection of bright, yet sophisticated hues. FLARE is perfect for those days when you want to highlight your eyes with fun and flirty colors! Includes Sigma Beauty's best-selling E55 and E40 in a practical dual-ended brush. Contains matte and satin formulations.
Brushes in this palette: Eye Shading - E55 - Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments. Ideal to build intense color on the eyelid. Natural bristles.
Tapered Blending - E40 - Rounded and tapered top. Specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease. Natural bristles.
 * * *

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