Apr 21, 2011

MAC Flighty Collection - Summer 2011

A lot of very fun collections for summer 2011. That one is one of my favorites! Colorful cream eye shadows..

Elevate your state of mind with a high-altitude collection of sensually spongy watercolour whipped mousse cream shadows in 16 hues that fly higher than gravity’s rainbow.  A new formula innovation in luminescent washes that build from sheer to medium easily.  Eye plumage is playful with four limited-edition shades of Zoom Lash Mascara certain to unleash a torrent of tweets.

U.S. Launch Date: May 5th, 2011
International Launch Date: May 2011

Zoom Coloured Mascara:
High Esteem - Mid-tone grey with silver pearl
Blue Charge - Deep navy blue
Plum Reserve - Light violet purple
Green Is Green - Jade green

Blg Bounce Shadow:
The Cool Elite - White with silver pearl
Good Fortune - Soft pink yellow with pink and silver pearl
Reward Yourself - Bright peach coral with gold pearl
Impeccably Rich - Light cream with gold pearl
Sizzlin' Diva - Copper with gold pearl
Trophy - Soft peach with pearl
Free As Air - Sky blue with silver pearl
Spread The Wealth - Dirty olive with gold pearl
Extra Charged - Bright green with multicolour pearl
Up The Ante! - Rich copper with gold and silver pearl
Rich Thrills - Dirty silver with multicolor pearl
Luxury Touch - Violet with gold pearl
Count Your Assets - Rich blue purple with multicolour pearl
My Next Indulgence - Forest green with blue and gold pearl
Rich, Sweet - Chocolate gold with gold pearl
Black Diamond - Black with gold pearl

242 Shader Brush



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