Jul 9, 2012

Our Trip - Day 3

(If you haven't read day 1 and 2 of our trip, click here and here to do so! :))
On our third and last day, we drove to Montreal. I like that it's a big beautiful city, but I don't like the traffic on the way there >_< Nevertheless, it was very fun to walk around the city. We also stopped at a small cafè and had lunch :)

I never thought about wearing an "oversize" fluffy shirt with leggings, but I've seen it on other girls and thought it looks so pretty together! So I decided to give a chance for myself with this kind of outfit, and it turned out to look as cute! ^_^ Sometimes, you rally need to mix and match different textures, colors and styles of clothing, to get something unusual and beautiful!
For the makeup, I kept everything pretty balanced. A black winged liner over neutral eyeshadow tones, Rozy cheeks and pink lips.

Shirt: TNT
Leggings: Can't remember where I got it, but they're just regular black leggings you can get basically anywhere..
Shoes: twentyfourseven
Bag: A gift from my MIL (mother in law..)
Bracelets: Clair's
Nail polish: MAC Scorcher
*Warning: This is a VERY photos-loaded post :P*
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  1. Wow these photos are amazing and it sounds like a great time!!!
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