Jul 12, 2012

OOTD: I'm Gonna See You Soon

It's been really hard time lately.. I've been really homesick and I miss my family and friends, but mostly - my mom! Thanks god for the technology! We are talking every single day on Skype :) And I'm going to visit all of them this winter. We're going to fly home for Christmas (still don't know if Alex is coming with me).. So I keep telling myself I'm gonna see them soon! :)
So on one hand, I want the summer to end to fly there, but on the other hand I LOVE summer and I absolutely enjoy it as long as it's here! :)

For today's outfit I wore my white shirt with my jeans shorts. I've seen many celebrities dressing like this when they're caught by paparazzi.. I haven't wore any bracelets except of my little silver one, and a white Hudson watch. I paired it with my black sandals which I really love because they are very comfortable!
To add a little fun to the whole look, I played with greens and blues for my makeup.

Shirt: Fox
Shorts: BH Jeans
Sandals: Marko
Earrings: Clairs
Necklace charm: Michaels
Nails: Sally Hansen Real Nail Polish Strips in "I Love Lacey" 

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