Jul 22, 2012

NEW Sigma Beauty Expert Products!!!!

Sigma Beauty is going to launch a new set! This Sigma Beauty Expert - Brow Design Kit will be launched on Monday, July 23rd! The 15 piece kit contains all the arching, shaping and grooming tools needed to achieve beautiful and well defined brows.
What: Sigma Beauty Expert - Brow Design Kit
Where: Sigma Beauty
Cost: 69$
Status: Permanent
Available: Monday, July 23rd.
The even more exiting part is that this kit is only the first one from a new Sigma Beauty Expert Series!
The Beauty Expert kits are designed to provide everything one may need to perfectly master a specific technique or makeup task. Each kit in the line will contain all of the essential products anyone would ever need to effortlessly complete a specific part of their makeup routine. Put simply, the Beauty Expert kits are comprised of all your go-to items for achieving a beautifully flawless face!
As a whole, the making of the Beauty Expert line was founded on detailed research, thorough testing, and careful development to ensure the customers are receiving not only the most one-of-a-kind beauty products available, but the best quality as well. The Beauty Expert kits are unique to Sigma and do not compare to anything currently offered on the market. 

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