Jul 31, 2012

OOTD: Teal Appeal

I've bought this dress at Garage right in early summer, and didn't got the chance to wear it until just now. I thought I don't have a good enough reason to wear it.. I mean, I thought I could only wear it to some special occasions or like for going out or something special like that, since it is so pretty! You know what I mean?.. But this is a pretty common mistake I make a lot of the times.. That I think "this outfit is too pretty to wear it out just on a regular day".. And then it ends up laying in my closet all the season and I don't wear it. So I've decided to stop with that and start wearing pretty clothes I have, just because! :) No one said dressing up without a reason is bad ;)

So to make this pretty dress look a little less fancy, I paired it with my flat sandals and a little braided bangs :) The look reminded me of like a Greek goddess or something, so to complete it, I wore my gold bracelets, which complemented a lot the teal color of the dress!
I matched my eye makeup to the color of the dress, with a little bit of darker brown on the crease (which unintentionally matched my nail as well :P).

Dress: Garage
Shoes: Marko
Necklace: DIY - made by me
Braid bracelet: DIY - made by me
Gold bracelets: Moroccan bracelets (a gift from my grandma)
Earrings: Pull And Bear
Nails: Essie in "Little Brown Dress"


  1. I know what you mean! I also often make the mistake of not wearing my nicer pieces so that I save them for a "special occasion". And then they just sit forgotten in my closet. I've also been trying to wear my nicer pieces more often, just because! You look stunning in this turquoise dress, the shape is so pretty on you.


  2. pretty dress, lovely color! perfect for the summer.

    i recently created a facebook page, so pop up by when you get a chance and like if you like :)

    wish you a wonderful weekend! xx