Mar 7, 2011

Less Is More (Makeup For Teens)

I started using makeup at the age of  16. I only wore a little bit of powder and black liner on the water-line. I started to wear full makeup as I was 18 years old. I really do not recommend to start using makeup at young age! Especially if you have good skin! Teens are starting using makeup mostly because of acne, and I just want to tell you right now that if you try to cover it with tons of makeup it will look even worse! As we are young most of us has good skin and if you'll use too much makeup your skin will break out more easily and will get older faster, and you really don't want that! For beginners of using makeup I recommend to start with just a little bit for evenings or if you go out somewhere, And even then - try to use light weight products and try to avoid using too much foundation if at all!
For this look I didn't used too much products at all. It looks natural and as you're even not wearing makeup at all.. It's good for makeup beginners or if you just want to look good without looking too made. (Like when your new boyfriend tells you he wants to see you without makeup but you still want to look good :P )

# First, apply foundation. ( I used a little bit only on my T zone where there are more discolorations)
# Conceal any blemishes and under-eye circles 
# Lightly dust it with a little bit of powder
# Use a natural colored blush. Not too pink.
# Define your brows
# For brow highlight use a bright pencil and blend it out (You can use something like the benefit eye bright, or just a white eye pencil)
# Use an eyeshadow for the lid that is one shade lighter then your skin tone (I used MAC Brule)
# Use some bronzer on a fluffy brush to warm up the crease (Don't use too much)
# Light up the inner corners of your eyes using the same product you used for your brow highlight
# (You can skip this step if you wish) - Apply a very thin line of balck/brown eyeliner to the upper lash line
# Curl your lashes
# Apply one coat of mascara
# For the lips use some lip balm or lipstick that is similar to your lip color

Aaaand.. You're Done! :)

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