Aug 12, 2012

OOTD: Silver Details

Fall is almost here and it's so sad! :( I LOVE summer! Where I grow up it was a loooong summer. For about 4 months if not more. And here, in Canada it's too short. Now it's that time of the year when the weather is changing in an annoying way. Either it's too hot, suddenly it's cold, etc.
Today for example, it was too cold for shorts, but too hot for a long sleeved shirt. So I wore a short sleeved shirt with an open back (Which I love!), and the solution I like to give for a "too cold for shorts" weather is wearing them on top of leggings. You won't stop me from wearing shorts! You hear me, Fall???
Ha ha ha, I sound crazy..
You've read on my previous post, that I'm in love with the new Essie silver metallic nail polish, so especially for it, I've matched some silver details. My eyeliner was one of them. :)
And for a bad hair day, I wore my hair up in an High bun

Shirt: Super Fashion
Shorts: Unknown
Leggings: Unknown (sorrrryyy)
Sandals: Marko
Spikes bracelet: Forever 21
Nail plish: Essie - "No Place Like Chrome"


  1. Thanks for stopping by mu blog and commenting. I have already been following u.. since I like ur fashion looks :)
    You said u r following me but I guess u forgot to hit the follow button. Would love to hear from u often.

  2. I really like the back part of your top, and the earrings are very cool,,

  3. love your nails! <3

  4. lovely top and nice accessories:)

  5. Thanks for commenting again. No prob.. I guess blogger is tricky at times. I am fine as long as I hear from u..

    Loadsa love!!