Aug 29, 2012

MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline Review, Photos & Swatches

I've been looking online on the MAC website just a day before I went to the store, deciding what I should get.. Just because I didn't had time (or money =\) for shopping last month, and I have my MAC Pro Student card which I haven't used even once yet. So Alex went to work and it was a perfect time for a little solo-shopping day. So the thing I saw online was this gel eyeliner, which is new and limited edition with the Styleseeker collection. I love MAC's fluidlines. I apply it with an eyeliner brush, and you can use any type of eyeliner brush you like to create the perfect shape for you! That's great!
Dark Diversion is a darkened  burgundy-berry color with kind of a wine\eggplant color undertone. It's a very interesting and beautiful color, in my opinion. And it's dark enough to be seen on your eye and define it, but it's not as sharp and hard as a black liner, and it adds some fun with it's color. Definitely a worth of try! :)
Color: Beautiful!
Texture: Smooth and semi-sheer, but buildable. Water resistant.
Price: $18CAD. Reasonable. Considering this little tube lasts for maybe more then hundreds of uses.


  1. I dind't know nothing about this! Thanks for the tip!!
    And oh! I just followed you on both too!:)

  2. it seems so cool! great color!

  3. This shade is interesting, but doesn't it make eyes look red?

    1. Actually, I find it does a little bit wen applied on the lower lash-line or on the waterline.. But not at all when applied to the upper lash-line. It's dark enough to look deep burgundy and even brownish, and looks great! :)

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