Apr 12, 2012

What's In My Bag And Exsiting News!

Finally! A video! After such a long time!
I forgot how much fun it is to make videos :) I have to get back to it!.. I hope I'll find some free time for it X_X
So my Canadian video background is back and I've decided to recreate my "What's in my bag" video, because I had a very very old one. Which apparently I even deleted a long time ago =\ So here it is. Two bags, one video!

*I have to warn you there is something strange going on with this video.. Obviously I don't have all   the video in one piece, because I'm editing it, so it has decided to make every second cut in stripes-motion-blur.. It's not that noticeable and doesn't makes a huge change, but it's funny.. I'll try to do better next time! I just thought I'll tell you that before you ask yourselves :P*


So now for some exiting news! :)  I am going to be at the National Women's Show in Ottawa this Saturday and Sunday! I am going to be at the GA-DE counter, doing peoples makeup! :) It's going to be so much fan! The coast is 12$ at the door, or 10$ online. You can get free samples there, hair and makeup presentations by professionals, fashion shows and food! I would love to see you guys there, so if you're in Ottawa, ON, this weekend, be sure to stop by!

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