Mar 18, 2012

YSL Golden Gloss No 10 Review, Photos, Swatches

I've had this gloss for a while and I can say strait ahead that it is one of my favorite lipglosses ever.

How YSL describe it: All the brilliance and magic of gold on your lips. Give your smile a golden glow with GOLDEN GLOSS, the gloss which gives lips all the sparkle and refinement of a precious jewel. 

How Sephora describes it: Yves Saint Laurent GOLDEN GLOSS shimmering lip gloss is the ultimate in beauty luxury. This gloss forms a mirror-effect on the lips with sparkling gold mother-of-pearl. A complex of nourishing oils (Nigelle and Cameline oils) protects the lips while providing total comfort. It contains 0.2% of 24 carat gold.

What I think about it: It is a little bit pricy for my opinion. It sales at Sephora for 30$ for 0.2 oz, But hey, for 24 carat gold??.. I mean, I'm sure they could create the same sparkling effect without the real gold, but I guess this is the main idea of the golden gloss.
About the formula; it is not that sticky and it lasts for a pretty long time. In my experience, even when the gloss itself comes off (after a good 3-4 hours) the golden sparkles stay on place and last for 3-4 more hours.
The pigmentation of the color itself is not that good, it is a pretty sheer color and almost not noticeable on the lips, but it does gives it a little color. So if you are hesitating between 2 similar colors of the golden gloss, just get one of them, 'cause the difference between the two shades won't be that noticeable. 
Scent: It smells like whatermellon.

Does it worth the money? I would by some more of them unless the price.. But for just one or two, I think it's worth it.. Kind of the fancy lipgloss in your purse..

Rate: ★★★★☆ (4/5)


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