Mar 19, 2012

OOTD 18032012

Sunny spring day, black and white outfit, red nail polish!

We just went out for a walk and had some business things to arrange.. The top white shirt is kind of sport-elegant top. It's sleeveless and has a hoodie. It is long and open wide in the front. It was my mom's and I don't know where she got it at..
The shirt I'm wearing underneath is a white, thin-fabric top, has buttons on the front and 1/3 sleeves. I got it at a local store called "Fox".
The pants are from D&G, black skinny pants.
Shoes from "Scoop". I actually wanted to buy a pare of black classic All-Star shoes, but they were too expensive at the store I was looking for, so I got these instead, for only 40$. They looked very cute and they're very comfortable! :)


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