Feb 28, 2011

Readers Requests or Tutorials

Recently I've noticed I have over  2000 readers per week, but I only have 2 lovely followers on my blog. I first want to thank my followers and all my readers! It really means a lot to me and I really appreciate it!
Last month I got about 5 different requests by E-mail, and I just wanted to let you know you are more than welcome to comment on my posts and request makeup looks, reviews and all kind of stuff.
I've wanted to make video tutorials a long time ago but, unfortunately, I don't have a video camera right now, BUT I WILL start making videos soon!!
I'll do makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, monthly favorites, makeup organization, what's in my bag and many more fun videos!
So send me your requests and leave comments.
Again, thank you all a lot for reading, following and for your e-mails and comments!

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