Feb 10, 2011

Make Eyes Look Bigger!

How to make your eyes look bigger, more open and awake using makeup?

Follow a few simple steps:

1. Prime your lids with a primer potion to prevent creasing.
2. Apply a bright eyeshadow all over your lid.
3. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and under your eyebrow.
4. Use soft brown color for the crease. Keep the color on the outer edge of the eye - this will "lift" your eye.
5. Use a bright eyeshadow under your lower lash line, you can also use a highlight product - it will blur the lower line of your eye and make it look more open.
6. Use a white eye pencil for your waterline. It will make your eyes look bigger, awake, and the white of your eyes look whiter.
7. Curl your lashes and apply mascara. (The curling will make the eye look more open)

* Do not apply any dark liner over your upper lash line. It will emphasize the limit of your eye and will make it look more defined and smaller.

Hope this was helpful! =)

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