Apr 12, 2013

A Great Way to Help You Save on Glasses

You all know Firmoo. The huge eyewear online store/company. (review here). And you know I like to share good things with you guys, and especially things that can benefit YOU, my lovely readers! :) So I wanted to let you know that they have contacted me about this crazy giveaway they are going to host!
I am so glad to share it with you here as it is a wonderful chance for those who need glasses! Yes, it is totally free for you! Frame + Lenses + Shipping = $0!  
How long have you kept your current glasses? It is highly suggested by professional ophthalmologists that you should have a yearly eye exam and replace your glasses regularly to ensure your eye health. If your prescription has changed but you still wear the old prescription eyeglasses, you are in high-risk of deteriorating your vision. 
So are you thinking about getting a pair of new glasses but worried it would cost you an arm and a leg? Head over to http://www.firmoo.com/z/blogger-crazy-giveaway.html and get your free glasses now!

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